Xbox One Now with DVR Features, Navigates Recorded Shows to Windows 10 Devices
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Xbox One Now with DVR Features, Navigates Recorded Shows to Windows 10 Devices

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft has launched new DVR features for its third video game console ‘Xbox One’ to enhance user experience with two-in-one functionality, reports, Jacob Demmit, GeekWire.

Xbox One features combined CPU, GPU and ESRAM to create perfect balance between power and performance. It consists of Impulse Triggers and streamlined D-pad as gaming controller and a motion controller technology called Kinect. Gamers can also stream their Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Now with the added elements of Xbox One, users will be able to utilize their console to watch over-the-air TV without a cable subscription as well as record and play back live television broadcasts. In addition Windows 10 users can stream their recorded shows to any device, including tablets and smartphones. Subsequently Xbox One owners can quickly switch between games, live TV and apps and instantly resume games where they left off through One Guide and Snap feature for multi tasking.

The new feature will support live programming of channels like CBS, NBS and FOX. Xbox One users need to purchase an 80 U.S. Dollars Hauppauge WinTV-955Q tuner and an HDTV antenna to take advantage of this feature. Mike Ybarra, Director of Program, Xbox management, said the service won’t require a subscription and will be available in 2016. Further it will enable users to download videos that can be watched offline later.