Pyramid Analytics Extends its Support with Microsoft, Advances Power BI Desktop
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Pyramid Analytics Extends its Support with Microsoft, Advances Power BI Desktop

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 30, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: Pyramid Analytics, developer of web-oriented Business Intelligence software ‘BI Office’ has disclosed about its extended agreement with Microsoft; including technology integration and developmental collaboration to deliver analytics solution.

The outcome of this collaboration is added features in the Power BI Desktop with an option to publish a Power BI Desktop file to Pyramid Analytics Server, providing easy assimilation between both. Pyramid Analytics BI Office is scalable and secure suite which empowers enterprises with the capability to analyze, predict, display and report on their data. The core application of BI Office consists of Data Discovery allowing users to share insights, Data Modeling, interactive Dashboards to drag and drop analytics, Data Mining and Publisher which enables users to share and distribute reports, data models and analytics content across enterprise.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop tool lets users to build collection of queries, data connections and robust and structured reports to be shared with others. It centralizes, simplifies and streamlines process of creating business intelligence repositories. According to recent update of Power BI Desktop, its additional features comprises of appFigure, Quickbooks Online, visual formatting and customization option and its availability in 42 various languages.

Amir Netz, Technical Fellow, Microsoft, says, “Pyramid Analytics brings technology that complements Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and uses all of the features of the Microsoft BI stack, partnering with Microsoft to deliver analytics solutions to meet the needs of our joint customers."

Under the accord signed with Microsoft, Pyramid Analytics employees will work with BI Office to enable users to utilize various models to input data in the form of charts and graphics, reports Allison Deangelis,