Top 10 Microsoft Azure Solution Companies - 2019

Many of the organizations still are skeptical when it comes to migrating to cloud, be it partially or completely. Fraught with issues such as network security, potential downtime, and availability on the cloud, often makes chief decision makers wary of shifting from a traditional model to a cloud or even a hybrid. However, this skepticism is changing with Microsoft Azure, the industry-leading solution for migrating to cloud. Under the Azure platform, Microsoft offers almost hundreds of different services, including full virtual machines, databases, file storage, backups, and services for mobile and web apps, which organizations can choose to meet their business needs. Opting for Azure enables organizations to lower cost, increase productivity, enhance security, and easy scalability of resources.

Helping organizations realize the full potential of Azure are the Microsoft solution providers, partners, and system integrators that offer tailored solutions to suit business needs. Utilizing the combination of various on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid computing models, the solution providers guide the companies towards a straight path towards cloud transformation.

To help the top officials find the right Azure solution provider amongst a plethora of them available, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview's editorial board has selected the leading Azure solution providers that deliver innovative technologies coupled with cloud strategies. Featured companies are capable of developing solutions that can effectively yet economically account for a productive cloud offering.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Microsoft Azure Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Microsoft Azure Solution Companies

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    As an independent cloud management platform, CloudCheckr enables Microsoft Azure customers or others to keenly focus on cost-optimization through cost allocation, expense management, and scheduling of invoices and to dive deeper into the security aspect by automatically identifying and alerting administrators about misconfigurations. A CloudCheckr dashboard enables monitoring of cloud environments and can visualize and summarize the cost of operations

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    Honest Numbers Solutions (HNS), leverages Microsoft technologies such as Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and Office 365 to consolidate all business data into a single place, allowing the ability to make sense of data spread across multiple systems/departments. Being a minority-owned technology-consulting firm, HNS creates awareness about various Microsoft technologies as well as assists and educates other minority-based businesses/clients about the whole process involved in the data journey, starting from extracting data to the generation of insights from data. HNS also provides a standard level of support for 60 to 90 days after the final implementation that involves things such as fixing any coding issues that may lead to a problem

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    IDERA provides a deep portfolio of powerful database management and data modeling tools for designing, debugging, monitoring and securing data infrastructures. A leading Microsoft solution provider, IDERA claims its products radically lower the cost of ownership for large scale deployments of Microsoft infrastructure. They accomplish this through powerful but easy to use tools which they claim turbo-charge productivity for database designers, developers, and administrators. IDERA’s tools support Windows and SQL Server deployments in corporate data centers, public cloud infrastructures, and hybrid combinations. This provides database administrators and their companies and clients incredible deployment flexibility and control of their data management lifecycle. Given the still immature state of defined and established IT procedures for data infrastructures deployed to the cloud and the still evolving regulations around how this data must be kept and maintained, it is practically a business necessity to deploy tools like IDERA’s, designed to mitigate the risks associated with effectively maintaining data infrastructure availability, performance, compliance, and security

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    Southpaw Technology offers a comprehensive BPM solution, In order to help businesses and organizations of any size run smoother. The TACTIC platform integrates workflow solutions across otherwise independent systems and business units. TACTIC orchestrates through it’s unique workflow engine that transverses and interacts through system processes and, in the end, allows the coordinated engagement of all necessary employees, services and assets within the organization to produce precise end results. End results that can drive higher revenue and overall customer satisfaction

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    TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft on-premises technology and Azure Data Services

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    Partnering with Microsoft, one managed service provider (MSP), Wheelhouse Solutions, is aiding companies in the new age enterprise arena to move past their worries while automating IT infrastructures. The company has an impeccable strategy that involves four stages—consult, design, implement, and support—to deliver to customers a great experience. Wheelhouse’s successful partnership with Microsoft has enabled it to double its business and the MSP has also grown in team strength, adding more certified experts to its already excellent taskforce. Geographically, Wheelhouse Solutions operates across the U.S., and the company is looking to further expand past the country’s borders

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    ZeroDown Software’s HA solution keeps critical workloads available during outages on any environment or infrastructure. The company offers ultra HA capabilities and technology resilience to customers seeking to extend their hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities without downtime. The company’s solution acts as a safety net for cloud adoption by providing a safe and reliable path to make fault tolerance migration of VMs, Web-based services, and legacy apps, a present-day reality

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    Applied Information Sciences (AIS) provides software and systems engineering services to government agencies and businesses across the United States. They specialize in cloud services, DevOps, custom application development, and IT services. The company covers an area of expertise in custom application development, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SharePoint, User Experience (UX), and Managed Services. Customers of AIS include a broad range of organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, to national security agencies. Their analysis-driven approach to solving business problems is combined with their commitment to deadlines and budgets, results in successful projects and long-term relationships with clients

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    It has been more than eighteen years since the inception of Aptude, and it still serves as a trusted ally by providing superior service, business-valued technology solutions, and highly skilled consultant resources. As an enterprise solution-based consulting firm, it partners with the IT consulting and development service providers, to implement software or application solutions to achieve revenue growth, cost containment, improved decision competency, and other technology or business-driven goals. Their expertise spans a wide range of technology platforms and applications that include Mobile Application Development, Oracle, Microsoft (.NET), Middleware/Integration, and Business Intelligence (ETL & Dashboards)

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