TrnDigital: Helping Organizations Adapt to the “Cloud” Normal

Shailendra Singh, Digital partner, and Co-founder
In the era of digital transformation, emerging technologies are integral in helping enterprises navigate through the shift from traditional, resource-based models to outcome-based models. That being said, cloud solutions have made rapid inroads across all industry verticals. Admittedly, the transformation from on-premise solutions to the cloud—from strategizing to seeking a suitable provider—is a challenge for most businesses. This is where TrnDigital is carving out a niche for itself. The company streamlines the cloud migration process for its customers by understanding the core objectives, outlining the overall strategy, and formulating a robust framework. TrnDigital specializes in top-notch Microsoft cloud consultancy services through its team of full-stack consultants. It offers nimble and flexible solutions that have multiple models of engagement to provide business value at every step.

In an engaging conversation with CIO Applications, Shailendra Singh & Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital Partners, and Co-Founders, TrnDigital discusses the company’s solutions, and the difference they bring to the table while helping their customers streamline, innovate, and reduce cost and time.

What are the emerging challenges in the landscape?

Office 365 and Azure are robust platforms that let you build very interesting solutions on top of them. However, as with any cloud service, they are a double-edged sword. While there is a tremendous amount of benefits from being able to leverage it for solutions, we also see that we do not have as much control as we would have on-premises. Moreover, given the rapid pace of change from constant upgrades regularly by Microsoft—most companies struggle to optimize cloud solutions to stay ahead of the curve

Please elucidate how TrnDigital successfully scales client operations and mitigates their problems?

We help our clients transition their existing applications and data into cloud seamlessly; by ensuring that we can stay ahead of what is out there and help provide guidance for how these changes will affect their usage. We start with understanding the customer’s critical business objectives and requirements and establish KPIs based on industry standards and best practices to drive the solution. At TrnDigital, we ensure that at every point of building a solution is progressing as per the parameters defined by our customers. Once objectives are established, we begin the evaluation of a cross-section of the customers to identify the requirements for various departments and the key stakeholders involved based on the functionality they are trying to develop. This enables us to create a detailed plan that resolves current problems and matches the given time frame and budget. With most of our managed services clients, we conduct a monthly executive briefing to capture the list of Microsoft’s recent announcements in the past 30 days. We not only walk through those changes together but also specifically highlight the ones that are applicable to our client’s current environment. By doing so, this helps us get ahead of the changes that Microsoft is pushing out.

Could you elaborate on the ‘Qbott’ platform and managed services TrnDigital has to offer?

As enterprises are trying to leverage digital solutions by innovating and offering engaging user experiences—often, these solutions are early in their maturity life cycle and can present complex challenges.
Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital partner, and Co-founder

The combination of multiple platforms to provide modern experiences, in turn, amplifies the associated risks with interdependencies. TrnDigital offers a centralized cloud-based platform called Qbott to ensure digital investments are delivering value by analyzing and auditing their key attributes across all channels. Qbott helps users to examine drill-down reports and trends for each digital investment on a single CxO Dashboard, enabling stakeholders at various levels to address critical issues promptly. Users can compare the before & after the behavior of digital solutions after the introduction of new releases, infrastructure upgrades, platform upgrades, and other changes into the environment.

We ensure that at every point of building a solution is progressing as per the parameters defined by our customers

How would you see the evolution of the company a few years from now with regard to disruptions and transformation within the sector?

With new features being released in the cloud at regular intervals, we see opportunities for providing solutions to fill in the gaps. TrnDigital is in the final stages of delivering products that will automate major workflows to further make the entire process as seamless as possible. Migration Manager streamlines and tracks all migration-related communications under one umbrella, offering automation at every step. Another technology we have invested in to ease the burden on human resources and help our customer’s support teams enhance their productivity is Bots. Support Bot for Office 365 can define company-specific responses based on enabled features and governance.

How is TrnDigital helping its clients in the pandemic situation?

We have been primarily working on two initiatives to help companies during this unprecedented time. Both of these products are being offered as Open Source. Firstly, the TrnDigital Wellness Tracking App is our effort to help organizations adapt to the new normal while ensuring employees & visitors are healthy before entering your offices. We are offering the base product free with a one-time client-specific implementation cost. This Application has recently seen a lot of traction, and we are fortunate to help companies in these unprecedented times. I’ve attached a one-pager for this Application as well.

Further, we have also introduced SWFT 2.0 (Safe Workplace Function Tool), which is offered as Open Source and allows employees to plan office or laboratory activities to ensure maximum social distancing.


Boston, MA

Shailendra Singh, Digital partner, and Co-founder and Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital partner, and Co-founder

TrnDigital is a start-up founded to develop leading-edge technology solutions to help solve business problems and create new commercial opportunities for customers. The company specializes in delivering top-notch quality through its team of full-stack consultants. TrnDigital offers nimble and flexible solutions that have multiple models of engagement to provide business value at every step.