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Gregory J. Deckler, VP (Cloud) & Microsoft MVP
When ideas transform into execution strategies, organizations and decision-makers need to consider multiple pipelines of information to govern and streamline business objectives. This is where the effectiveness of an ERP, such as Dynamics 365, comes into the picture. ERPs manage the accounting, budgeting, invoicing, inventory management, HR, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) of an organization. However, a vast majority of ERP implementation systems remain stagnant due to poor planning, cost overruns, and delayed operations.

Combating these challenges in the adoption of ERP systems, Fusion Alliance makes a positive impact through its innovative offerings. Fusion is a digital transformation partner that helps companies solve their business challenges by leveraging data insights, experience design, and technology and cloud solutions to transform the way businesses connect with their customers.

The process of implementing a Dynamics ERP system in a mid-market firm is a complex, arduous task that takes significant effort, but companies that do so successfully reap the benefits of more efficient and effective operations. Whether it is migrating to the cloud or exchanging information between multiple on-premises systems, the cost of transition is expensive and often requires external consultation. Firms will usually learn about such excessive expenditures while attempting to clear development backlogs. This is where Fusion steps in to provide a one-stop solution that addresses client requirements holistically.

As a total Microsoft Dynamics support partner, Fusion offers support contracts that provide companies with a set spend per month to be used for all of their Microsoft Dynamics requirements. Be it fixing bugs, developing new features, conducting data analysis, reconfiguring IT systems, or providing user and environmental support, Fusion’s Dynamics support contracts are aimed to cover it all. Furthermore, customers are offered the flexibility of availing a multitude of services under the contract on an hourly basis to be used anytime in the duration of the contract.

These services stand tall as the distinguishing factor for Fusion to thwart market competition via a customer-centric mentality and 40 years of combined Microsoft Dynamics expertise.
“We are capable of understanding a business from a strategic standpoint, and we suitably devise solutions to address any predicament within that pipeline of information,” explains Gregory J. Deckler, VP (Cloud) at Fusion and Microsoft MVP. The firm provides dedicated project architects and resource teams who assess each client’s existing implementation to learn and understand any shortcomings. After the identification of business hindrances and pain points, Fusion’s team works through the Dynamics 365 backlogs to optimize the client’s ERP systems.

Our strength is our ability to understand a business from a strategic standpoint and then suitably devise solutions to address any predicament within that pipeline of information

To illustrate the effectiveness of Fusion’s solution, Deckler recalls an incident where Affinity Apparel, a leader in the uniform manufacturing industry, experienced issues during the implementation of an ERP system by a third party. The process resulted in a sluggish system that crashed multiple times daily. Affinity Apparel could not process website orders efficiently, and the corresponding warehouse functionality was inhibiting Affinity’s cash flow. In short, the deployment was on the verge of project failure, and Affinity Apparel needed an immediate technology rescue.

Fusion stepped in to address the concerns and stabilize the ERP environment. After an assessment, Fusion restructured critical client architecture and increased workflow capacities. The company improved Affinity Apparel’s database performance instantly and ensured the effective interoperability of devices in their warehouses and fulfillment centers. In addition, Fusion minimized thousands of dollars of unnecessary overhead that was generated by misconfigured transportation management. Such collaboration stories build a pedestal for Fusion’s growth as it plans to stay in the lead and become the go-to partner for Microsoft in the mid-market segment. The firm is also currently developing security services as another constituent of its Dynamics Support contracts, serving as a comprehensive portfolio for resource planning.

Fusion Alliance

Indianapolis, IN

Gregory J. Deckler, VP (Cloud) & Microsoft MVP

Fusion Alliance is a digital transformation partner. The company helps create exceptional customer experiences by leveraging data insights, experience design, and technology and cloud solutions to transform the way businesses connect with their customers. Fusion partners with clients to formulate a technology-based strategy that aligns with their business goals and then deploys it across the enterprise in a cohesive, integrated framework. Fusion has in-house capabilities and extensive expertise to deliver solutions that are robust, scalable, and secure, even in the most challenging, dynamic, highly-regulated environments

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