XLSTAT: Add-in Capabilities for Excel

Thierry Fahmy, Founder & CEO
Although Microsoft Excel is very popular amongst the spectrum of users, it doesn't necessarily cut it as an adequate statistical tool. While Excel is a significant statistical tool for analyzing data, the software is restricted when it comes to more extensive data sets. Paris-based firm XLSTAT came into the picture to change all that. The firm provides several Excel add-in features to expand its analytical capabilities. During its journey of over two decades, XLSTAT has continuously scaled in the market and emerged as one of most widely used statistical software packages in the world. Today, XLSTAT is used by more 100,000 users, businesses and universities, large and small, in over 200 countries. The multilingual, cost-effective software can be availed in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese and brings forth a myriad of benefits that enables organizations to modify and automate several statistical functions according to their business needs.

To give a comprehensive picture of the firm’s capabilities, Founder and CEO of the firm, Thierry Fahmy illustrates XLSTAT’s extensive solutions portfolio. Firstly, he says, “With more than 100 statistical features such as data mining, machine learning, tests, data modeling and visualization, XLSTAT-Base solution enables organizations to gain deep data insights.”

Two, XLSTAT-Premium is a cost-effective statistical solution with more than 200 add-in features available. Three, XLSTAT-Sensory solution enables users to build specific applications for discrete markets. The advanced version of this solution—XLSTAT-Marketing—allows organizations to attain optimal data insights and improve decision making in each process. Four, XLSTAT-Forecast brings advanced analytical methods for predicting sales, rainfalls, sports results, analyze stock markets or creating optimized portfolios.

This solution also allows market analysts to study stock relationships with viable interfaces and co-integration features.

XLSTAT software integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Excel and makes it an ideal tool daily analysis and statistics requirements of an organization

Apart from these solutions above, the firm renders XLSTAT-Biomed—a comprehensive solution for biologists—XLSTAT-Ecology— for ecologist—XLSTAT-Psy—for analyzing complex psychological and social data, and lastly XLSTAT-Quality to analyze data directly in Excel with a substantial six sigma toolkit.

The key differentiating factor of the XLSTAT software is that customers can customize it to create their applications. The software can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Excel which makes it an ideal tool for daily analysis and statistical requirements of an organization. It can embed with all Excel versions from 2003 to 2016 and can be used in any Windows, PowerPC and Intel-based Mac systems. To further fuel the capabilities of the software, the firm added XLSTAT-R interface into it that enables users to use and write R procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes in Microsoft Excel. “This integration enables data scientists to develop complex messages in R and build business applications for end users.”

Referring to one of the successful projects, Fahmy mentions that the firm assisted one of its clients from the alcohol industry with a 360-degree application that enabled their data scientists to check, analyze, display and export data from Excel to word with a single click. In the days ahead, the firm intends to establish its footprint in the US market and reach the Asian market by 2019. The company has a suite of new features lined-up for release that will further fuel the capabilities of its existing solutions.


Paris, France

Thierry Fahmy, Founder & CEO

Bolsters the analytical capabilities of Excel through offering wide variety of add-in functions