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Shailendra Singh, Co-Founders & Digital Partners
With the increased maturity of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud solutions have made rapid inroads across all industry verticals. However, the biggest challenge facing organizations that are adopting cloud solutions, currently, is its swift pace of change. As cloud solutions demand constant upgrades on monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, most companies struggle to optimize cloud solutions to stay ahead of the curve. To stay relevant in the dynamic cloud playfield, organizations need to stay up to speed with the latest developments in the landscape. Moreover, with greater emphasis on customer engagement, there are a plethora of tools within the cloud framework that need to be synergized in order to reap the benefits. TrnDigital was born out of the necessity to resolve this conundrum and equip organizations with agile Microsoft cloud consultancy services and products that acquaint them with the latest and greatest trends in the ecosystem. “Our customers pay for outcomes not promises. TrnDigital’s foundation lies in providing nimble, high quality and efficient services and solutions,” says Shailendra Singh, Digital Partner and Co-Founder at TrnDigital.

TrnDigital streamlines the cloud journey for its customers by understanding the goals envisioned, outlining the overall strategy, and formulating a robust framework to yield tangible outcomes. Usually, cloud migration is viewed as an arduous process, hence most organizations fail to identify the areas of opportunities that it offers. TrnDigital specializes in making the most of cloud migration, countering the challenges, uncovering the hidden opportunities along the way, and preparing roadmaps for effective functioning. Additionally, TrnDigital assists their clients to find and evaluate cloud providers, implement the solutions, set up governance and centers of action to support the new platform and tools. “All in all, we help our clients to transition their existing applications and data onto the cloud seamlessly and build new solutions on top of the cloud platform,” explains Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital Partner and Co-Founder at TrnDigital.
Dimitri Ayrapetov, Co-Founders & Digital Partners
Admittedly, the transformation journey from on-premise solutions to the cloud—from strategizing to finding the right provider—is a logistical challenge for most organizations. TrnDigital assists its customers to onboard Microsoft Azure and Office 365-based solutions without hassle through an end-to-end process. It is further corroborated by a team of experts who are veterans in the Microsoft Cloud domain. “The portfolio of solutions we have built to ease Microsoft Cloud migration has matured over a decade in the making,” remarks Singh. Furthermore, TrnDigital envisions automating major workflows to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

In order to increase the awareness about the cloud solutions and mitigate any apprehension that organizations may have, TrnDigital organizes free of cost workshops that answer all the difficult questions pertaining to cloud migrations. It is because of such dedication, TrnDigital has been able to engage with a wide and varied clientele, with many of their implementations translating into success stories. Ayrapetov recalls one such instance, wherein one of their clients—operating in the pharmaceutical arena—struggled with their legacy systems and on-premise solutions. This compelled the pharmaceutical organization to seek TrnDigital’s assistance. After evaluating the issues plaguing the client’s organizational infrastructure, it was inferred that Office 365 could ease most of their pain points. Post implementation, the pharma company witnessed a significant improvement in its operational efficiency and productivity.

Riding on its impressive track record coupled with their customer-centric solutions, the Boston-based TrnDigital provides agile and cost-effective solutions to simplify the Microsoft cloud migration process. Venturing ahead, the firm envisions further geographical expansions in the Northeast of United States with an aim to bring a greater audience under its ambit.


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Shailendra Singh, Co-Founders & Digital Partners and Dimitri Ayrapetov, Co-Founders & Digital Partners

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