Quadrotech: One-Stop-Shop for Migrating and Managing Data

With the advent of cloud-first-mobile-first digital strategies, enterprises are undergoing a seismic shift in terms of how they manage their businesses and deliver value to their customers. With AI, cognitive cloud services, and machine learning, Microsoft’s Azure is at the forefront to help drive migration to the cloud. Powered by higher scalability and improved business agility, companies are able to benefit to make more knowledgeable and real-time business decisions. Microsoft’s Office 365 is another solution that has been designed to help organizations run efficiently, improve productivity, and cut costs.

Before migrating, organizations are often unaware of how much data they have and after transfer, are unable to understand if they are provisioning the right services and service levels for their customers. It is also a challenge to figure out the proper mix of licenses, help users become accustomed to the new system, and implement it appropriately. Quadrotech is a tech-fueled cloud transformation enabler that offers a one-stop-shop covering the complete Office 365 lifecycle, from moving the data into Office 365, through to the ongoing management, operations, and security of the environment. Most companies focus on delivering solutions for one part of this transition; Quadrotech, a Microsoft Gold partner, has solutions for the entire cloud transformation, assisting customers to migrate their data to Office 365, then offering integrated solutions to manage, secure, and monitor that data. Their solutions also automate administrative operations to reduce manual involvement, and unburden IT teams, so they can focus on more challenging, innovative projects. “We offer a low-risk, easy-to-understand, fixed-price-fixed-schedule service to help clients see what data they have and successfully transfer it to Office 365,” explains Paul Robichaux, Chief Technology Officer of Quadrotech.

After a client migrates to a Microsoft Office 365 IT infrastructure, Quadrotech provides an extensive and intuitive reporting and analytics interface that provides crystal-clear visibility of what’s happening in the environment. The tool supports accurate and effective licensing, helping businesses understand the required number of licenses, optimize costs, and derive the most possible value from its implementation. Their security tool, Radar Security & Audit shows a comprehensive audit timeline of key activities in Office 365, including which user accessed, downloaded or modified a file, folder, and which admins made changes or updates. In the event of a security breach, Radar Security & Audit can be used to quickly investigate the scope, identify any data that might have been exposed, and which user account may be compromised.

We offer a low-risk easy-to-understand fixed-price-fixed-schedule service to help clients see what data they have and successfully transfer it to Office 365

Quadrotech’s management offering, Autopilot, is a SaaS-based tool that offers flexible policy creation and virtual Organizational Units to delegate control and automate management actions in both Office 365 and on-premises deployments in a single interface. Quadrotech has just announced the global availability version of Autopilot, which was first demonstrated in Microsoft Ignite Conference 2017. “In less than a year, we have transformed from a technology demonstration to having a full-fledged product that we deployed to give our clients delegated administrative capabilities they always wanted,” says Robichaux.

Finally, as Office 365 adoption continues to accelerate, Quadrotech identified another gap in the market and designed Cloud Commander, a tenant-to-tenant migration product that takes mailboxes, user data, and files from one Office 365 tenant to another securely and efficiently. The product has shown sustained migration speeds of over 50 gigabytes per hour and has migrated 11.6 petabytes of data and almost 4.7 million mailboxes.

Quadrotech has customers in over 120 countries worldwide, with business offices spread across eight countries, and is currently looking to expand those markets even further. They are not only looking to further enhance the capabilities of Office 365, but also plan to roll out even more advanced offerings in the near future.


Wilmington, DE

Paul Robichaux, Chief Technology Officer

Assists customers migrate their data to Office 365, then manage and monitor that data securely to complete the full data lifecycle