Endeavour Solutions: Choice in Microsoft On-Premise or Cloud Applications

Terry Sunderland, President & CEO
Today, companies are relentlessly taking up cloud subscriptions for managing their ERP or CRM systems, thanks to the ease of deployment, maintenance, and cost efficiency that the cloud offers. However, in this flurry to acquire cloud models, companies often lose the sense of urgency to align their business processes with these new systems, resulting in undesired outcomes. “Adding to client frustrations is the fact that licensing of Microsoft’s products has historically been complex and confusing,” mentions Steve Ewing, Director, Endeavour Solutions. “This is where we prove to be effective.” As a top Microsoft Dynamics partner, Endeavour helps organizations across the USA and Canada take a pragmatic approach to driving business success through the use of Microsoft products.

Endeavour has exceptional advisory, project management, configuration and technical integration services and delivers trusted product and service offerings that include Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365, Azure, and the new Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud-ERP).

“There are organizations that are still not ready to move their core business applications like financial systems to the cloud and are more inclined to cloud-enable only a portion of their systems,” says Terry Sunderland, President and CEO, Endeavour Solutions. Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is a strong fit for such hybrid environments, and leveraging it, Endeavour aims to incrementally support each of their client’s progression to the cloud. “As Microsoft adopts a more clear vision for its mid-market business applications, Endeavour is ready and capable to support our clients with their transition to the cloud, when and if they are ready.”

With a passionate team that strives for client satisfaction, and a philosophy that revolves around integrity, trust, and accountability, Endeavour has scripted many success stories. For instance, a manufacturing company, after failed attempts to implement an integrated ERP with another partner, was forced to adopt manual processes and Excel sheets. With inaccurate tracking and reporting on inventory and manufacturing data, their direct unit costs were invisible.
Endeavour, as their new partner, not only expanded upon the client’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics ERP but also provided advisory services and training to help them streamline and implement an end-to-end, fully integrated ERP system. As a result, the client gained access to accurate and real-time reporting on their manufacturing operations and unit costs, all without breaking their bank.

As a true partner of its clients, Endeavour works hand in hand with project sponsors to uncover core value drivers looking for areas of optimization and/or automation. The company diligently plugs process, knowledge and capability gaps before deploying its solutions. This approach allows them to accelerate implementations while keeping a focus on user adoption.

As Microsoft adopts a more clear vision for its mid-market business applications, Endeavour is ready and capable to support our clients with their transition to the cloud, when and if they are ready

With thousands of options available via Microsoft and its ecosystem of ISV add-on products, it takes a top partner such as Endeavour to help clients find their ‘best-fit solution’ while avoiding the potentially costly pitfalls associated with choosing the wrong apps or wrong approach.

“We are excited about the commercialization of Microsoft’s new cloud-based D365 Business Central ERP which offers an out of the box integration between ERP, CRM, and Office 365,” says Ewing. Endeavour foresees a strong roadmap for Dynamics GP though sees the new Dynamics 365 Business Central as an increasingly attractive solution for many.

Endeavour’s current efforts are about making it absolutely simple for clients to select, implement, integrate, upgrade and support their Microsoft ERP, CRM or Cloud business systems based on their evolving needs, whether such systems be on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud.

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Terry Sunderland, President & CEO and Steve Ewing, Director

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