BitTitan: BitTitan Automates, Streamlines Transition to Office 365

Geeman Yip, Founder & CEO
The last decade of digital transformation has been driven by a meteoric rise of the cloud and its widespread adoption by enterprises and small businesses alike. Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud productivity suite, debuting in 2011, has been a significant catalyst of this growth. Recognizing cloud’s limitless potential, Geeman Yip founded BitTitan in 2007 to help IT service providers and businesses assess, deploy, and manage technology solutions in a rapidly changing world. The company started its journey during cloud’s infancy by solving a key barrier to its adoption: moving workloads to the cloud.

“Email was really the gateway to the cloud,” said Geeman Yip, Founder and CEO of BitTitan. “Once people realize how much more accessibility and scalability the cloud provides, they begin to ask what other systems and workloads can be moved. Over the next five years, we’ll see a huge spike in the number of cloud-based solutions and tools that business from five to 5,000 employees leverage to become more efficient.”

Eager to take the next step toward digital transformation, organizations are adopting more and more SaaS applications to replace their existing infrastructures and on-premise solutions with cloud offerings. The initial migration project is a critical first step and a valuable opportunity for service providers to become a trusted technology partner for end customers.

BitTitan’s cloud-based migration solution, MigrationWiz®, is widely considered the industry’s top SaaS tool for a multitude of projects. In a matter of minutes, customers can set up a mailbox, documents, archives, and public folder migration without the assistance of additional hardware or software installations.

“We primarily cater to IT service providers who offer professional and managed services to end businesses—from small computer shops to large global system integrators,” says Yip. He further illustrates the efficiency their solutions provide, through an example, where a leading partner had to migrate a number of subsidiaries across more than a half-dozen mail platforms within six months.

Email was really the gateway to the cloud. Over the next five years, we’ll see a huge spike in the number of cloud-based solutions and tools that businesses from five to 5,000 employees leverage to become more efficient

They used BitTitan to migrate 40,000 mailboxes for their global conglomerate client—and successfully accelerated anticipated project timelines, met executive expectations, and completed a smooth transition to Office 365 for end users. The team started with the first 12 months of data and later backfilled older e-mail archives. The migration went seamlessly for the 40,000 e-mail accounts and documents to Office 365. They chose BitTitan for the project for several reasons, including estimated speed of the migration and the tool’s ease of use.

Once those workloads have been transitioned to the cloud, the company offers a second solution, MSPComplete®, to help service providers standardize, benchmark, and automate their service delivery. By building automation into tasks through PowerShell scripts to form larger sets of Runbooks, service providers are able to store their documentation in a central location and deliver services in a quicker and more consistent fashion.

With a global business across 150 countries, BitTitan is now turning its attention to helping IT service providers build and grow their Microsoft Azure practices. As businesses look to their service providers to guide them through Azure adoption, BitTitan will ensure that they equip their clients with the proper solution to assess, deploy, and manage those offerings throughout the entire IT lifecycle.


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Geeman Yip, Founder & CEO

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