Binary Tree: Simplifying Cloud Migration and Mergers

Nick Wilkinson, CEO
Recently, the CIO of a large-scale enterprise based out of the U.S. realized their legacy messaging platform increasingly hindered productivity and collaboration, both internally and with external partners and customers. After an assessment of their infrastructure and operation requirements, he concluded a set of modern collaboration tools were a necessity to improve their business and eventually pave the way for greater efficiencies and growth. Although the plan seemed promising, security compliance and confidentiality were top concerns and both a priority. Additionally, the legacy environment had been in place for decades with many layers of customizations and rules that had to be carried on to the new environment. Solving these pain points narrowed the CIO’s options down to only one company who could help them mitigate the challenges and successfully migrate to a modern platform: Binary Tree, a firm that offers cloud solutions focused on powering enterprise transformation. Understanding the situation and unique requirements Binary Tree developed a strategic plan to help the client transcend their legacy system to Microsoft Office 365. After moving their email and data automatically and securely, the result was a low-risk migration with no user downtime and flexibility around the business’s needs. The CIO modernized their IT as promised by leveraging the most secure, direct and predictable path to a successful transformation to the Microsoft Cloud.

Founded in 1993, Binary Tree has delivered over eight thousand migrations and has seen strategic cloud growth by understanding unique business and end-user requirements, and leveraging emerging technologies like that of Microsoft’s to innovate and build solutions focused on enterprise transformation. “Due to our Microsoft Cloud expertise and our business-first approach, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of high-quality and high-fidelity solutions that can help our clients seamlessly migrate to the Microsoft environment,” says Nick Wilkinson, the CEO of Binary Tree.

Encompassing over 25 years of experience, Binary Tree primarily caters to organizations wanting to move to and within the Microsoft cloud and organizations that are undergoing mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider of high-quality and high-fidelity solutions that can help our clients seamlessly migrate to the Microsoft environment

Out of the many products and services the firm offers, Wilkinson emphasizes on Active Directory Pro, Power 365, and Domino on Azure, as they enable seamless transformations. Businesses can use Active Directory Pro, software that provides automation and allows merging, consolidation, or restructuring of active directory environments. From an IT infrastructure point of view, this is the first step clients can take to achieve successful M&As. In a scenario where companies using Office 365 are acquiring or merging with firms who also use the same platform, Power 365, an Azure-based tenant-to-tenant SaaS product, can help merge multi-tenants and manage them as either one environment or keep them separately and internally manage them as one. Lastly, for entities that still use Domino applications, Domino on Azure allows them to move their server to a Microsoft Azure Cloud which gives the flexibility of a cloud-based platform and eliminates in-house hardware, security, networking, and operational reliance on legacy infrastructure.

Over the years, Binary Tree has established itself as a global organization with proven capabilities in enterprise transformation. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner for messaging, cloud productivity, cloud solutions, and application development, the firm envisions building innovative products and services in the near future. “We have an innovation center in the organization that is dedicated to developing new products and solutions focusing entirely on Microsoft,” concludes Wilkinson.

Binary Tree

Kendall Park, NJ

Nick Wilkinson, CEO

The firm is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers tenant mergers, migrations, and fully managed solutions for enterprises in or moving to the Microsoft environment

Binary Tree