AlphaBOLD: The BOLD Solution for Redefining Success

The harmony among a colony of insignificant garden ants is something remarkable to observe. Give these tiny creatures a week and a pile of dirt, and they will transform it into an underground edifice about the height of a skyscraper in an ant-scaled city. Their willingness to create something out of nothing, to survive and to grow in harmony, is the inspiration behind a California based customer-centric company named, AlphaBOLD. Similar to the colony of garden ants, AlphaBOLD, a company a little more than a year old, operates in perfect synchronization with its employees and customers, focusing on bringing forth Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, BI solutions leveraging AI, DevOps solutions to the market.

The firm treats every single employee, client or customer, partner, and other solution providers as a part of a broader community, the BOLDCommunity and consistently works towards developing solutions to make for the benefit of the customer’s and their employees. “It is like opening your heart a little bit and building a community that is going to make us succeed collectively,” expresses Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting, AlphaBOLD with sheer dynamism. “We refer to all our employees as BOLDEnthusiasts, and the idea is to have people who are equally passionate about the technology solutions that we offer to our customers. We believe that whatever solutions we offer, it should always make a positive impact in the lives of the employees of our customers, so that they can do things in a better way, in a more efficient manner,” states Ali. BOLDEnthusiasts are technology experts whose sole purpose is to create customer delight, develop tailor-made solutions, and guarantee on-time delivery, which further improves this symbiotic relationship between the company and its clients.

AlphaBOLD has an extremely talented team of Dynamics CRM consultants with collective experience of over 200 years. This team is extremely passionate about Dynamics 365 as a product and a platform. Some of the solutions this team has built in the last year have helped customers completely transform their business processes. In addition, AlphaBOLD provides collaboration solutions, custom portals and document management solution using MSFT SharePoint. Besides, AlphaBOLD also offers BI solutions and custom development solutions. This helps in increasing business sales and improving marketing strategies aimed at attracting new customers and enticing the existing ones. With all of these offerings and as a Microsoft Partner, AlphaBOLD caters to multibillion-dollar firms from various industry verticals that include Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Law, Sports and Retail industry.

AlphaBOLD’s solutions are preferred in the market due to their unique and remarkable methodology called the BOLDRoute. This serves the present and future needs of every business. It has two main components— assessment and implementation.

Assessment Phase

During the assessment phase, BOLDEnthusiasts primarily focus on the client’s perspective on the problem. Both sides brainstorm different ideas and solutions are drafted, assisting the client to decide on a feasible solution to their problems. “As we go through the assessment phase, we keep it generic, trying to tend to the needs rather the wants,” states Ali. Following this is the implementation phase.

We refer to all our employees as BOLDEnthusiasts, and the idea is to have people who are equally passionate about the technology solutions that we offer to our customers

Implementation Phase

Based on the assessment, the proposed solutions are implemented. These solution implementations are more of a collaborative effort than just a vendor working in isolation to provide efficiency to the solutions. Also, the reporting structure is defined because of the usage of agile methodology.

Post this; the firm trains the customers with regards to the solutions in batches further empowering the customer. When the training phase is over, the customer goes live. AlphaBOLD is trying to partner with customer through their digital transformation journey by taking them through small incremental stages. That is the goal of AlphaBOLD.

The Pillars of AlphaBOLD

AlphaBOLD’s complete system rests on four core values—trust between AlphaBOLD and the whole BOLDCommunity, accountability for all the actions of AlphaBOLD towards the community, the BOLDBelief of giving back to society and the drive to work relentlessly without any compromises whether it is for the clients or the society in general.

Carrying Forward the Legacy

AlphaBOLD has always given priority to customer feedback to channel all its strategies, successfully making a mark for itself in the intense competition that is gripping the marketplace. Customer feedback is essential to understanding the market and in making decisions and the BOLDEnthusiasts, an army of highly skilled individuals, work together to create solutions that benefit the entire consumer-product cycle.

AlphaBOLD promises to take its rich legacy forward in a manner conducive to client partnership while focusing on optimizing costs and achieving superior business outcomes. According to reports, the company’s ROI has increased five times compared to the previous years. “We aim to become the best solution provider in the market for every service that we have to offer, with accountability and trust,” concludes Ali.


Walnut, CA

Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting

It helps with end-to-end implementation across discovery, planning, design, development, and rollout of a line of business applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365