ThinkTel Communications: Optimizing Enterprise Communication through Office 365

Dave Damer, President
Office 365 – Microsoft’s cloud-based version of its enterprise grade productivity software, has enjoyed significant growth since its launch a few short years ago. Microsoft COO, B. Kevin Turner stated that four out of every five Fortune 500 Companies currently leverage Office 365.

Adoption within the SMB (Small to Medium Business) sector has also been rapid for Office 365, however, comes with different challenges compared to the much larger Enterprise sector, “SMB company owners can sometimes be resistant to changing their communication systems,” commented Dave Damer, President, ThinkTel Communications. “Such companies either manage their own Exchange environment (corporate email), or use hosted Exchange services from other providers, thereby facing heavy operating costs,” added Damer.

ThinkTel Communications is the Business Services Division of Distributel. As a Canada-based CLEC and Microsoft Gold Partner, ThinkTel has proven expertise in helping both SMB and large Enterprise clients make the seamless transition to Office 365and other Cloud solutions. They offer various levels of onboard support, carrier-grade infrastructure and end-user training. In addition to their Microsoft services portfolio, ThinkTel offers enterprise-grade SIP voice services, wholesale VoIP, an Access service portfolio, and a full suite of Professional Services. “Our wide range of services stems from our ability to finely blend our decades of valuable experience with innovative technology,” asserts Damer.

Clients looking for an enhanced Office365 solution have found great versatility, functionality, and value in the all-encompassing Think 365 solution from ThinkTel. “Think 365 provides both traditional telephony with full Unified Communications features,” commented Damer. “Powered by our Tier-1 national SIP voice network, Think 365 eliminates the need for expensive telephone systems, with zero compromise on voice quality,” remarked Damer.

Powered by our Tier-1 SIP voice network, Think 365 eliminates the need for expensive telephone systems, with zero compromise on voice quality

Other services offered by ThinkTel include a suite of Access services, providing clients with carrier-grade connectivity, including SLAs and uptime guarantees. “This acts as a perfect complimentary service for SIP customers,” affirms Damer. ThinkTel also operates in the Contact Center solutions space, with a solution which is heavily integrated into Skype for Business. “If a Company is familiar with Skype for Business, they would have an effortless experience with our Contact Center solution, since the interface is built right into Skype for Business,” explains Damer. Such convenience results in minimal training periods during deployments, thereby enabling Call Center agents to be up and running rapidly.

When asked for an example of when ThinkTel really came through for a Client, Damer responded, “One that always comes to mind is a multi-site School Division we did a full-service deployment for. They were dispersed over 25 locations, with constantly shrinking IT budgets, rising communication costs and needed access to high availability phone service in order to contact their respective remote offices,” says Damer. “We designed a custom solution, leveraging SIP services and Think 365, all deployed with zero downtime and well before our project deadline, and ended up saving the Client over 75 percent in communications costs,” confirmed Damer.

ThinkTel continues to infuse progressive technology trends into their robust set of solutions, while maintaining a culture than encourages creativity and productivity. “I like to think I had a role to play in creating and cultivating the culture we have. Our teams are our greatest resources, and we are all part of this journey together,” concluded Damer.

ThinkTel Communications

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Dave Damer, President and Matt Stein, CEO, Distributel Communications Ltd. (parent company)

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