Red Maple: Integrating Digital Information for Automated Routines

Patrick Hodo, CTO
With the arrival of cloudbased MS Dynamics technology, enterprises have found a remedy to manage the ever-expanding digital information in their systems at a centralized location—accessible 24/7 from anywhere and any smart device. The traditional on-premise version of MS Dynamics involves complexities like unwanted hardware implementation time and costs, unstructured data sets, and inefficient data integrity. “Nobody wants to create their company’s existing traditional systems,” begins Patrick Hodo, CTO of Red Maple. “Nor do they want to use generic web-based solutions that don’t address their business challenges.” How does a company find a solution that has the benefits of both approaches? Red Maple emerges as an answer with its solutions that help companies to optimize on Microsoft “stack” as a foundation while delivering business specific benefits on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX. “It’s this Final Mile approach,” Hodo states, “that creates a streamlined solution, increases productivity, and reduces costs by bridging that gap.”

Red Maple is a Texas based Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that is known for offering turnkey solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The firm has longstanding association with the ERP and CRM solution provider since 2000 and has etched a niche for addressing needs of areas such as financial, sales, trade and business management requiring heavy customization and integration. “All our solutions are native extensions of Microsoft Dynamics AX which are designed to enhance business efficiency and handle more complex scenarios than are delivered in the base solution. These solutions benefit CIOs as they do not require additional integration or customization but use existing data structures,” adds Hodo.

More than 400 customers use the company’s for credit cards, trade and pricing, commissions, revenue recognition, workflow, warranties, and mobility.

With Advanced Credit Cards, Red Maple offers out-of-the-box integration with many global processors and is currently working with customers to prepare for the new Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) standards. Additionally, the company supports both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail.

Nobody wants to create their company’s existing traditional systems

For upcoming changes to revenue recognition in FASB requirements, Red Maple’s Advanced Trade offers the functionality that helps customers address and comply with changing regulatory demands. “Advanced Trade is essentially software for the next generation of companies. Instead of focusing on one-time sales, it supports continuing customer relationships through the subscription and maintenance model. It provides contract specific pricing, recurring billing for subscription management, and revenue recognition for businesses with deferred revenue requirements.”

Red Maple’s Advanced Commissions, extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX so companies can quickly calculate complex commission payment scenarios for employees, vendors and customers. “By automating compensation processes, our solutions enable businesses to respond quickly and decrease manual inefficiencies,” Hodo adds.

Further, Red Maple’s Workflow Email gives companies the flexibility to approve, reject, or delegate tasks via email from mobile devices. “This enables employees and executives to securely engage in the approval process remotely, without having to login or be a Microsoft Dynamics AX user,” says Hodo.

The company works through Dynamics AX partners, and further differentiates itself by its ability to fast forward implementation and customer delivery.

For the future, Red Maple plans to augment its product offering with Azure and mobile services. The firm is also set to actively engage with both the Dynamics AX team and Microsoft technology readiness programs.

Red Maple

Boerne, TX

Patrick Hodo, CTO

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics AX