Nintex: Orchestrating Everyday Business Processes with Clicks, not Code

John Burton, CEO Nearly a decade ago two Australian-based entrepreneurs, Brian Cook and Brett Campbell—the Founders of Nintex—were struck by a vision. The duo wanted to revolutionize the way businesses worldwide automated workflow processes—by making it more accessible and affordable. Today, Nintex employs more than 350 people across five continents, engages millions of users around the globe, and has customers in more than 90 countries. Setting the global standard for workflow automation, Nintex’s Workflow platform enables enterprises to easily create and automate simple to sophisticated business processes by connecting on-premises, cloud workflows, and mobile users.

Maintaining a strong complement with Microsoft, the Nintex software suite was originally created for building workflows in SharePoint; but on realizing the growing importance of cloud computing, it was soon extended to Office 365. This was a win-win situation for Nintex. As more and more organizations turn to cloud computing, Office 365 currently stands as a viable option as it allows flexibility and cost savings while supporting hybrid solutions. “Our workflow capability and mobile solutions are completely compatible with Office 365 and support both cloud-based and on-premises assets of clients,” remarks John Burton, CEO, Nintex. For seamless workflow integration, the company offers Nintex Forms and Workflow designer for Office 365 that help organizations meet the demand of an increasingly complex, information-rich workplace

Creating Out-of-the-Box Workflows

Applying a design criterion that is sophisticated yet easy to use, Nintex’s products are quick to implement and require little to no prior knowledge of programming or experience with workflows. Nintex for Office 365 empowers users to take full advantage of a cloud model, delivering portability, flexibility, and scalability for all applications and documents residing in Office 365. With a human-centric design and innovation in mind, the firm continually adds new features to its Workflow platform. The company recently launched the Nintex Document Generation action—an add-on function for Office 365. This feature automates the generation and delivery of richly-formatted documents, improving efficiency, quality of communication and customer engagement. Emphasizing on the importance of secure, accurate, and timely delivery of information for every business, Burton says, “by integrating document generation functionality within Nintex for Office 365, we are helping organizations deliver high-quality, customized documents internally and externally to support the acceleration of business results.”

In the case of ANZ bank in Indonesia, the client was manually handling document submission and verification.

By integrating document generation functionality within Nintex for Office 365, we are helping organizations deliver high-quality and customized documents to support the acceleration of business results

“In addition, for loan and ATM applications, customers filled out paper forms and sent collateral documents and other background information to bank branches by mail or courier,” states Burton. ANZ wanted to replace its manual processes for retail and institutional operations with a scalable, standardized solution that provided workflow transparency, electronic collaboration, and document storage. Also, since ANZ has to regularly adhere to financial regulations, the company wanted to streamline this complex process. After scrutinizing various solutions, the bank chose Nintex partner, Ebiz Cipta Solusi, a specialist in business intelligence (BI) and Nintex Workflow to automate authentication, approval, and compliance processes. On deploying Nintex's solutions, the client experienced 15 percent increase in productivity, 30 percent improvement in loan application performance, and a faster time to market than custom code or comparable workflow solutions.

Empowering Businesses with Custom Forms

When combined with Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms—a front-end workflow solution allows customers to build and customize forms in a simple point-and-click format. The solution offers secure access to forms and processes anywhere, on any device, redefining traditional workflows. Since most IT departments juggle with multiple applications, one of the biggest factors that impact application performance is design. With Nintex, a user can build and deploy business targeted applications that are department or process-specific. This helps deliver a rich alternative to web- based access for Office 365 users, with forms and workflows that are pre-empted and relevant to a customer. Moreover, Nintex Forms is compatible with major mobile operating systems and is coupled with custom-branding capabilities and data connectors that drive faster output.

When Mitchells & Butlers, a large operator of managed restaurants and pubs, was spending far too many hours filling out manual paper forms for compliance, Nintex stepped in with Nintex Mobile and Forms for Office 365. Prior to opting for Nintex, the customer’s retail business managers were inspecting almost three million pieces of paper per year, which was devouring valuable time that could have been directed at customer engagement. Nintex’s solution helped the client to digitize paper forms, simplify health and safety inspections, and effectively meet food safety regulations and record-keeping requirements.
The client benefitted greatly and was relieved from mounds of paperwork which helped save 23,400 hours a year and supported a faster compliance. “Putting the solution in the cloud further enabled the company to avoid any need to build and maintain on-premises infrastructure,” states Burton.

"Our products are quick to implement and require little to no prior knowledge of programming or experience with workflows"

Vouching for Cloud and Mobile

Helping clients always stay productive and on top of the game, Nintex facilitates the integration of Office 365 workflows to a host of cloud services in real-time including the likes of Yammer, Facebook, Box, and Twitter for example. A user can also add web services without writing a single line of code, and publish forms to collaborate with external vendors, partners, and customers. In addition, keeping in mind the needs of an on-the-go mobile workforce, Nintex's mobile capability enables clients to make use of all the features in their mobile device, including images, attachments, and geo-location for better connection of information regardless of connectivity.

For a workflow without boundaries, the company also offers Nintex Connectors, a collaborative platform that connects Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems through the cloud for enhanced operational efficiency and customer service. As all organizations deal with multiple content stores and cloud services, Nintex Connectors provide seamless integration, handle communication, authentication, and encryption details. “In an effort to make the Office 365 ecosystem more effective, Nintex Connectors comprise online training collaboration, an interactive 24/7 support capability, and a partner portal where new connectors can be designed, built, and validated for the Nintex on-premises product,” states Burton. With a global partner program enterprises can use Nintex technology to automate their processes directly as well as easily contract for expert services or utilize existing workflow applications from these partners. Due to the popularity of its technology, Nintex has added 300 global partners in the last six months.

Driving Nintex to be Impressive, Impactful, and Inspiring

With an aim to create, lead, and explain the benefits of automated workflow and process automation, the company is expanding to other environments such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. As opposed to merely automating the production process, Nintex plans to help organizations today who are bridled with the onus of enabling customer engagement. Nintex plans on leveraging technology trends such as cloud and mobile to deliver next gen workflow automation. The company will also roll out a capability in beta in the days ahead which will be combined with business analytics to help evaluate the performance of workflows. With a vision to transform more organizations with the Nintex Workflow platform, Burton concludes, “Our goal is to help businesses everywhere better orchestrate how business gets done. We want to be known globally as the ubiquitous workflow solution so that every dollar spent with Nintex is the best dollar on software that you can ever make.”

Nintex News

Nintex Named a 2020 Best Place to Work in Australia

BELLEVUE, Wash. - Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, has announced the organization has been honored as one of Australia's Best Places to Work in 2020 based on recently published employee survey data from Great Places to Work, an independent research firm.

This year's Great Place to Work bench marking study included nearly 40,000 Australian-based employees representing 124 companies. Designed to evaluate employee engagement and trust levels across Australian workplaces, the 2020 study process also provides visibility into how organizations are inspiring, inventing, and innovating with new initiatives whilst navigating through a changing landscape due to COVID-19.

"We're honored to be recognized as one of Australia's best places to work which is especially meaningful in these unprecedented times," says Nintex Vice President of APAC Sales Christian Lucarelli. "At Nintex, we believe that people are most important. We care for our team members and treat each other with respect and consideration at all times, and it's also how we interact with every customer and partner who are part of our growing global Nintex community."

MD of Great Place to Work Australia Zrinka Lovrencic, adds, "The organizations in the study are leading the way amid the pandemic, demonstrating care for their employees, customers and communities during this challenging time. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge facing organizations across the globe, and it puts a premium on being a high trust people-first culture. We celebrate the companies that earned places on our 2020 Best Places to Work benchmarking study, and we hope this will inspire more companies to continue maintaining and building trust with their team members."

Nintex's mission is to improve the way people work with process management and automation software. IT, operations, power users, and process excellence professionals leverage the easy and powerful capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform,, every day to accelerate digital transformation by visually mapping and managing enterprise-wide business processes and automating work with drag-and-drop tools for workflow automation, document automation, and robotic process automation (RPA).

Founded in Melbourne in 2006, Nintex has more than 500 employees worldwide with more than a quarter of those based in Australia who are committed to serving the needs of more than 8,000 worldwide customers across public agencies and commercial enterprises in every major industry, like banking, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, technology, and manufacturing.


Bellevue, WA

John Burton, CEO

Nintex software and SaaS solutions help orchestrate how work gets done—from automating workflows and forms to automating document creation—internally and externally, and leveraging content from across the world’s largest technology ecosystems including Microsoft and Salesforce.