Janus Networks: Matching IT with Business Growth

Nicholas Nye-Chu, President and CEO
To Nicholas Nye-Chu, President and CEO, Janus Networks, mobility and cloud-based services are the key drivers of business growth today. A stealth startup can leverage a cloud-based solution to meet enterprise needs without investing copious amounts of capital in IT infrastructure. “To meet this need of small and mid-size businesses, we resell cloud-based products such as Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Hyper V for Virtualization,” says Nye-Chu. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company’s certified technicians help clients meet their IT infrastructure objectives. “Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to market more effectively to our customers, build a brand with a solid name in the IT industry, and know we offer the expertise needed for an all-around solution,” Nye- Chu says.

The company also tackles inherent challenges in the Microsoft landscape including constant product upgrades and expensive EOL support that often makes Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL server unaffordable for mid-size enterprises. Janus Networks’ Microsoft Gold Certified partnership enables them to leverage 50 hours of technical support along with 100 internal licenses for multiple Microsoft products, helping clients lower internal overhead.

Janus Networks caters to customer requirements for on-premises exchange servers hosted and managed by a single IT solutions provider by offering Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Hosting. Janus Networks does sell an Office 365 solution, but does offer Exchange Mailbox as a service. In addition to a secure e-mail server, Janus also offers on-site and off-site daily backups, firewall protection, network redundancy failover, and antivirus and spam filtering.

The company has the distinction of being one of the first hosting providers to offer Windows 2012 Virtual Hosting, and has progressed to support different flavors of Windows environments. “In addition to hosting in our data center, we also provide firewall services, network failover and load balancing, and a multi- ISP environment,” says Nye-Chu. “Companies that want to support their servers in a data center without paying for extra services can contract us to host their server, as long as the servers meet our security and network criteria.”

Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to market more effectively to our customers, build a brand with a solid name in the IT industry, and know we offer the expertise needed for an all-around solution

In one instance, a customer looking to expand their production system infrastructure in a cost-effective manner implemented Janus Networks’ Microsoft's Hyper-V solution. The customer achieved a marked reduction of 50 percent in their new equipment costs by purchasing two virtual servers while utilizing the current power structure at Janus Network’s data center, avoiding additional power costs. In addition to moving the entire server infrastructure to a Hyper-V solution, Janus Networks also upgraded the customer’s server to Windows 2008 R2 and Hyper-V to save on new hardware and support costs. “With Hyper-V 3.0 coming out, we also wanted to run a beta test to see if they would gain any performance advantage in upgrading,” adds Nye-Chu.

Moving ahead, Janus Networks plans on establishing its presence across the United States, focusing on IT-infrastructure solutions, managed services, software testing, and training. The leadership at Janus takes pride in their team for building a presence to reckon within a heavily saturated technological realm like the San Francisco Bay area and Silicon Valley. The firm aims to deliver an all-inclusive IT solution to meet their clients’ IT infrastructure needs— desktop setup to server support, phone support, co-location, accounting services, and now certified training for customer employees.

Janus Networks

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Nicholas Nye-Chu, President and CEO

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