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Steven Pivnik, CEO
Moving IT workloads to the cloud continues to be one of the largest technology needs today. Microsoft’s cloud based service, Office 365, generates greater productivity, global accessibility, and assures robust security and reliability. The challenges in the Office 365 migration arena includes migrating to Office 365 with minimal disruption to end-user productivity, measuring Office 365 usage within an organization, and achieving a desired ROI. New Jersey based Binary Tree, is a leading provider of migration services and solutions, having moved over three million-end users to Office 365. “We pride ourselves on insuring a transition with minimal to no disruption to end user productivity, with our solutions also addressing hybrid interoperability, which is a must have for most Office 365 customers,” says Steven Pivnik, CEO, Binary Tree.

Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software dramatically reduces the costs, complexities, and timeline of Intra-Org; Inter-Org; cloud and hybrid exchange migration. The software has advanced automation capabilities, streamlines data collection, scheduling, forecasting, reporting, and user communication processes. The product installs on a single server, using Microsoft PowerShell in the background ensuring the fastest migration of data possible. E2E Complete can scale to enable public folder migration requirements of any organization into Office 365.

E2E Express, Binary Tree’s other solution is an easy-to-use software product designed specifically for the seamless migration of Exchange Server mailbox data into the Office 365. The software, with its simple user interface enables fast, high-fidelity migration without the use of consultants or external servers mainly for small-to medium sized businesses. E2E Express migrates data directly from the existing environment to the new on-premises or cloud Exchange platform, without passing through a third party, ensuring complete control and security.

Additionally, Binary Tree offer valued added services. Coexistence Assurance delivers seamless hybrid environment by eliminating disruption to productivity caused by changes in IT environments. The service preserves user workflow by ensuring accurate interchange of directory information, email, calendar free/busy availability, and email-enabled applications.

The pre-migration assessment offering is a technology-enabled service assessing messaging and active directory environments prior to a migration.

BinaryTree solutions showcase the importance of helping customers not only during migrations, but also before and after

The service offers valuable insight and recommendations on what areas need attention, action, or remediation before a migration initiative. “Binary Tree solutions showcase the importance of helping customers not only during migrations, but also before and after,” remarks Pivnik.

Binary Tree has solved many client issues pertaining to migration. Ambu, the Denmark based multi-national medical device maker, provides efficient health care solutions and devices to hospitals and emergency services throughout the world. The company had recently merged with King Systems, a smaller company that was using Microsoft Exchange 2010 for its email. Ambu was using IBM Notes and had been experiencing growing pains— internally within IT, as well as with end users. The company decided to switch to Office 365 as its email platform, where it had to accommodate 1,000 employees in 12 countries. With the help of Binary Tree, the software configuration for the migration was completed in China, Malaysia, and Denmark in three days. Now Ambu is in the second phase of migration, rolling out Microsoft Office 365 to nine additional countries and are able to handle everything themselves.

Moving forward, adding to internal R&D advances in their solutions, Binary Tree will be looking to grow via acquisitions. “We are actively looking for companies that offer complementary products and services,” adds Pivnik.

Focusing on innovative lab activities for solving and identifying new customer problems, Binary Tree is launching Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration and is continuing to improve all present solutions.

Binary Tree

Kendall Park, NJ

Steven Pivnik, CEO

Binary Tree is a singularly focused global provider of migration software and solutions for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Windows Server environments.