TimeXtender: Advanced Data Warehouse Automation

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO
Substantially faster than a traditional deployment with higher efficiency, consuming less time and less expenditure is the new age methodology TimeXtender offers to help companies get business intelligence done. As provider of Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) for the Microsoft SQL Server market, “we have been spearheading for more than nine years in simplifying the Data Warehousing Automation process and minimizing the time spent on turning complex data into valuable information,” says Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender.

On having worked with more than 2,600 customers and various partners worldwide, Iversen sees that many companies are struggling to keep up with the ongoing changes in IT—to determine how and when to use the cloud for their existing and future IT systems and evaluate how to leverage big data. While information and intelligence continues to play a vital role in a company’s success, businesses are always asking for more comprehensive data insight. Given the budget crunch, automation can play a key role in helping organizations achieve the end of fiscal discipline and management. “TimeXtender has found a way to help companies automate their existing and future technologies to help them save time and money,” says Iversen. Through automation, business processes and workflow are greatly improved, manpower is reduced, time is saved, and IT support staff is freed up for more complicated enterprise issues.

TimeXtender has made a conscious effort to focus on core competencies. The company provides data warehouse automation, corporate performance management automation, and consulting and services for companies relying on the Microsoft SQL Server. Within this market, “we continue to find ways to grow our data warehouse product line, and offer new products and innovations, such as our new TX Financials,” says Iversen. The fast and user-friendly DWA platform TX2014 minimizes the time spent on turning complex data into valuable information—with a minimum of manual coding, better performance, and more possibilities than ever before.
TimeXtender has helped many companies and has a great pool of customers. One good example would be Proshop, which benefited from TimeXtender’s offerings. For years, Proshop, a very successful online store, had a steadily increasing amount of information about its sales and customers and was using a SQL database. The whole process seemed as a very expensive affair and required costly consultants to retrieve the information from the system so that they could price their products and stock their shelves accordingly. “We helped Proshop move all their data from SQL to data cubes so that they could grab all their data from Excel. The result was huge time and cost savings which enabled their staff to easily retrieve this important data and to uncover buying patterns and trends to better help with their decision making,” unfolds Iversen.

While information and intelligence continues to play a vital role in a company’s success, businesses are always asking for more comprehensive data insight

Moving forward, TimeXtender plans to support hybrid setups with a mix of on-premise and cloud, eventually offering data warehouse as a pure cloud service. To initiate growth, the company is reaching out and penetrating new global markets, most recently Australia and New Zealand, as well as expanding its global network of distributors and resellers. To grow its direct sales and support staff, TimeXtender spends a great deal of time staying close to its markets to listen and interact closely with its current and future customers. “Our partners are located all over the world, but no matter where you encounter us, you can be certain that you will meet the same values that led to the foundation of our company— Determination, innovation and a focus on ensuing success,” concludes Iversen.



Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

Provides Business Intelligence (BI) built on a Data Warehouse Automation(DWA) platform dedicated to Microsoft® SQL Server®.