Tad Nelson Consulting: Systematic Approach for Seamless Migration

Tad Nelson, Founder
In an era where technology is rapidly changing, enterprises today need to take a hard look at their existing infrastructure before migrating to a new technology. Enterprises are failing to explore factors that should guide a migration strategy and help determine whether to move on-premises workloads to the cloud. It is therefore an important aspect for enterprises to stay relevant in the elastic environment representing a rapid shift from which both business as well as the enterprise IT can benefit. With a goal to help enterprises migrate smoothly to a new technology and increase the overall efficiency of businesses, Tad Nelson Consulting is a global systems integrator that specializes in Microsoft platforms. The company utilizes its expertise in system migrations and consolidations to analyze the client’s environment, determine the needs, and make the best recommendation—taking business performance to the next level.

TNC has a deliberate and disciplined approach to technology projects based on a defined set of principles, models, disci¬plines, concepts, guidelines, and proven practices. “We provide a reliable solu-tion on time and within budget with our proven project management approach,” says Tad Nelson, Managing Partner, Tad Nelson Consulting. TNC follows a strict project methodology that gives IT teams an all-round view of their environment. This methodology leverages the Micro¬soft Operations Framework and Microsoft Solutions Frame¬work, while being aligned with standard Informa¬tion Technology In¬frastructure Library (ITIL) practices.

Leveraging its partnership with Microsoft, TNC delivers comprehensive cloud services to the clients. “We understand how to migrate any company’s environment to Office 365 as well as any size consulting company in the market,” says Nelson. Office 365 allows clients to explore many features like Microsoft Exchange, Lync Online conferencing, SharePoint intranet, Microsoft ActiveSync and Office Apps. In addition, the company is also offering Windows Intune and Microsoft CRM in the cloud which delivers better operational capabilities for the enterprises. Furthermore, TNC also provides Microsoft on-premises solutions which consist of a wide variety of core solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, Windows and Remote App.
Apart from delivering a suite of Microsoft services, TNC’s team works relentlessly to ensure that the solution deployment is always of the highest quality possible, while educating customers on their options to make the right decisions for their businesses. “Our goal is to be a trusted advisor,” states Nelson. “

The other unique aspect of TNC is that it is honest with its clients and gives authentic time and labor quote,” says Nelson. The company takes quick measures in consulting, implementation, and support to address the client’s problems in navigating the complex and fragmented Microsoft landscape.

In one such instance, TNC’s client had completely lost track of its IT environment. Their Active Directory was in a complex state, and the various site locations couldn’t’ communicate well because their networks had been set up individually and at different times. “One of their sites didn’t know how many active users they had,” says Nelson. TNC with its proven expertise in handling all IT infrastructure migrations helped each of the individual corporate locations to be migrated to the Cloud, where everything from email, file sharing and Lync messaging worked together seamlessly.

We understand how to migrate any company’s environment to Office 365 as well as any size consulting company in the market

Moving forward, TNC will continue to evolve around building strong solutions for its clients in order to service the clients more efficiently. The company is focused on hiring more expertise and developing resources internally. “We are focused on delivering high value to the client’s business and also be their trusted advisor,” concludes Nelson.

Tad Nelson Consulting

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Tad Nelson, Founder

A global systems integrator specializing in Microsoft.