ScerIS: Business Process Optimization Innovation with WPM

Jim Walckner, President & CEO
Driven by a commitment to constantly innovate and drive business process optimization, ScerIS provides a wide range of services and systems that optimize and strengthen the operations, and financial performance of clients globally. As a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, consulting services and business process outsourcing company since 1993, ScerIS serves clients across healthcare, financial, business, and government markets.

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing what we do,” says Jim Walckner, CEO and founder. Walckner set a course for the company to provide outstanding value to its clients by becoming a truly valuable resource and their virtual partner. He adds, “Being a resource is no easy task, especially when serving clients across 16 major market segments, but that’s what we do. Every client benefits from the intellectual capital we’ve built optimizing many unique business processes”.

ScerIS long ago learned from busy CIOs that they didn’t want a plethora of consultants and IT vendors to manage and they didn’t want multiple silo software applications to support. Instead CIOs described a partner that is intimately familiar with their business processes and needs, that provides a single source for creating dynamic solutions and integrated outsourced services, is a virtual extension of their own organization and understands how to lead them to process optimization enterprise-wide with an on-time, on-budget, no surprises headset. In other words, CIOs wanted something that didn’t exist.

That information set ScerIS on course to become their resource, the ONE. This meant that ScerIS would have to go deeper and wider than just providing services and products. Another silo software product couldn’t be in the offering, so on cue from these business leaders ScerIS reinvented application development with a software product that changes the way that business applications are delivered, ScerIS Work Process Management (WPM).

WPM is the platform for nearly unlimited and easily customizable business application development.This game changing software is used to develop and deploy online browser-based applications for task management, case management, business processes and accounting processes, and to enable mobile workers.

With WPM, organizations can design, develop and implement online work processes that include automated processes, online user interfaces, data capture and validation, content capture, work routing and validation and rules-based workflows.
WPM is tightly unified with ScerIS Content Management software and ScerIS Authorization Services making it the development platform of choice for organizations with transactions that involve other documents and content.

Built on the Microsoft ASP.Net Development platform, WPM minimizes IT support requirements with browser-based deployments. Using Microsoft’s .Net WEB API technology encourages strict adherence to HTTP standards and provides excellent response times while extending the HTTP protocol to the broadest range of devices. “ScerIS WPM demystifies the complexities of application development, work management, rules-based workflow, integration and interfacing,” says Lawrence Spencer, VP Application Development, “Most customers are trained to build and deploy additional business applications in minutes, and this is often accomplished with non-technical resources which helps to free up critical IT resources.”

Our software is a critical component to our success and our clients’ successes, but it’s the results achieved and the value of improved work processes that drive our value with clients

Using WPM, ScerIS has reinvented business partnering with its clients as ScerIS solutions help drive improved performance and improved financial results. WPM, unlike so many applications built for one purpose, is used across the organization for dozens of purposes, while helping better manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements. WPM provides for a single dashboard in which employees can perform much of their work and enables usage monitoring, auditing and reporting. It is replacing single-use software products and helping drive costs and support complexities down while providing a single workspace for employees to go for nearly every kind of work they need to be involved in. WPM is transforming business process management with optimized results.


Sudbury, MA

Jim Walckner, President & CEO

A software developer, consulting services and business process outsourcing company. As a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, ScerIS has distinguished itself within the top 1 percent of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. This status demonstrates “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet Microsoft customers' evolving needs in today's dynamic business environment