QUADROTech: Providing Transparency through Integrated Cloud Services

Peter Kozak, CEO
“The technological landscape is continuing to evolve as storage becomes more affordable. Businesses are starting to realize that by moving their email ecosystem to the cloud, they can save money and provide an empowered service for users. The goal for technologies such as ours is to help businesses migrate their archives and day-to-day email operations to Office365 efficiently and transparently. This is the core driver behind our increasing investment in cloud-provisioned migration services,” says Peter Kozak. CEO of QUADROtech.

“One of our key messages is the importance of considering the total time for a migration project. There’s a belief that an efficient migration project relies solely on how fast you can extract your data. But it’s an end-to-end process that requires intelligent management of the entire journey to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. With our Advanced Ingestion Protocol, and pre-configured cloud service, we can help our customers get migrating in a matter of days and complete even enterprise-scale projects in a matter of months,” adds Kozak.

“Using ArchiveShuttle, our flagship archive migration product, and working closely with Delegate, a premium Microsoft partner in Europe, we were able to perform one of our largest Office365 operations to date. With 120TB worth of archives and a 28,000+-user base, we were able to exceed the business demands of our customer by helping them to decommission their legacy servers in the first half of 2015 thanks to our efficient approach to end-to-end migration. It also gave us our current speed record of 530,000 items per hour/162Gb per hour, which clocks in at almost 4Tb of migrated data per day!” says Kozak.

“Through the use of ArchiveShuttle.cloud, a recent customer was able to save $2.7m in operational costs by migrating their 190TB of archived legacy data, which was stored in 28 Enterprise Vault Servers and a dedicated archive storage platform, straight to Exchange 2013,” explains Kozak.

“We’ve also found that the proliferation of legacy PST files (offline mail) in the email ecosystem are influencing a great many tactical and strategic cloud migration projects.
PST FlightDeck deals with all the technical migration aspects of moving data from Laptops, Desktops, and users in regional offices and/or home offices to the cloud – with full transparency and lack of disruption for the users,” says Kozak

“A larger enterprise customer in Europe for instance wasn’t able to deploy 35,000 new Windows 7/Office 2013 user PCs due to the multitude of locally stored PST files on the old XP systems. The powerful scanning abilities of FlightDeck made it possible to quickly assess the spread and size of their PST problem and migrate the storage-hungry files away from their more expensive hardware,” adds Kozak.

With our AIP module and pre-configured cloud service, we can help customers get migrating in a matter of days and complete even enterprise-scale projects in a matter of a few months

“We are committed to extending our migration framework to meet new market needs such as that for eDiscovery solutions. Businesses want an intelligent, yet simple and effective solution that covers the full spectrum of the EDRM, working with any device, to manage the level of interconnectivity representative of modern times. We’re also researching the creation of holographic interfaces based on Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, a potentially huge game-changer to how we work in the future,” states Kozak.

“QUADROtech is a young company staffed by passionate people who are all dedicated to improving their craft. That’s why I believe it’s important to allow people the space and resources required to achieve their goals. We actively encourage our employees to take internally funded educational courses to empower their future prospects and achieve their full potential.”


Wilmington, DE

Peter Kozak, CEO

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