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Michael Mullin, President
Today’s highly complex IT infrastructure is changing at a rapid rate, prompting an increasing number of organizations to outsource their IT function through firms like Integrated Business Systems. IBS’s Managed Services division offers comprehensive expertise in network consulting, installation and support,embracing the most powerful new and proven products – from mobile devices and individual workstations, to enterprise servers and everything in between.

IBS helps clients navigate new opportunities and game-changing advancements like cloud computing. The team also addresses concerns surrounding security and business continuity, as well as escalating risks associated with business-critical functions such as collecting and protecting customer payment data.

With roots dating back to 1979, IBS is a long-time recognized leader in providing property management and accounting software and services in the New Jersey/New York region. The boutique, intensively customer service-focused firm established its Managed Services division in 1999 as an outgrowth of its offerings to real estate clients. The company currently assists small and mid-size companies in a range of industries streamline their infrastructure by leveraging Microsoft's platform.

For example, IBS helps customers who are ready to move their entire infrastructure to the cloud. “We ensure that the client’s information is transferred successfully and stored securely,” begins Michael Mullin, IBS President. “The Microsoft platform makes moving data to a Windows server,and setting up fault-tolerant data storage and automated backups a seamless task.”Additionally, IBS's Microsoft certified team of experts takes care of internal and external security by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

IBS also customizes Microsoft products to match customer needs. For instance, IBS formulates business intelligence solutions using Office 365 and Excel.
“We use Excel to drill down and penetrate the data from top to bottom,” says Mullin. “We can then create reports that provide insight and enable our clients to generate enterprise growth.”

In another example, with Microsoft's Windows Server IBS recently crafted a solution for a paperwork-intensive customer that was challenged with finding particular receipts as they were needed. Today, the client’s receipts all sit in the server, enabling immediate access and freeing up valuable office space.

“Leveraging the latest and greatest technologies are dependent on us giving careful consideration to specific customer needs and then satisfying them,” says Mullin. “Our Microsoft partnership truly is a differentiating factor when it comes to winning new business and servicing clients. With Microsoft’s collaborative effort and immense support, our clients can create competitive advantage in an ever-changing market.”

Our Microsoft partnership truly is a differentiating factor when it comes to winning new business and servicing clients

IBS anticipates an exciting road ahead. The firm recently partnered with Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting software, as both a reseller and development partner. This strategic affiliation will enable IBS both to diversify its enterprise accounting reach beyond commercial real estate, and also create a technologically advanced solution for existing and newclients. Additionally, an IBS property management add-on product currently under development will enable Acumatica to meet the needs of the property management industry through its other reseller partners, extending the presence of IBS on a national scale.

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Michael Mullin, President

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