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Lyn Uesato, Corporate VP
“Cloud computing, by its very nature, is often uniquely vulnerable to the risks of suspicion and misconception,” says Lyn Uesato, Corporate Vice President, HPSI. “Security and performance concerns about the cloud have been alarming enough to rife myths and misunderstandings in many organizations. And this is where we perform our magic,” she continues, “We work with organizations to educate them about the benefits of cloud, such as the cost savings and improved efficiencies, dispelling the myths. We also provide solutions that fit into their business and act as a systems integrator that helps them to investigate new technical solutions and deal with various network implementation and post-support issues.”

As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with multiple competencies, HPSI has extensive knowledge in Network Infrastructure solutions such as Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, IIS and Terminal Services. The company focuses on four core areas—ERP, CRM, SharePoint, and Lync—and offers a complete stack of Microsoft product, which allows them to bring together a wide variety of solutions and manage the entire implementation process and post-engagement support. “For instance, with a hybrid cloud approach, we are able to provide the consulting services to craft the right mix of on-premises with a cost-effective cloud model. And with Dynamics CRM On-Line and Office 365, we eliminate the need to deploy a complex system of servers, security monitoring, and authentication systems,” claims Uesato.

By providing all the services that a large enterprise IT department has, HPSI is well-positioned to provide a cost-effective and strategic way for SMB’s to have the same advantages as the large businesses. “Being well-aware of our client’s business model from an IT perspective, we can red flag a new initiative that may have a negative impact on another part of their business process,” notes Uesato. “In addition, when key personnel such as IT Director or VP Sales leave the client’s organization, we are always there to help fill in the gaps and assist them with staff transitioning.”
HPSI’s clientele ranges from the small business to Fortune 100 companies across industries including construction, education, financial, real estate, government, hospitality, retail and wholesale. Partnering with HPSI gives the clients greater efficiency and economy of scale. For instance, consider the case involving a utility firm, who needed a way to track their sales team efforts and goals across a geographically wide area. It had to be done in a manner that required less effort to generate and analyze reports as well as KPIs. HPSI was selected to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Line. After various meetings with the sales team and management, a pilot of CRM was designed by HPSI’s team. The team then worked to further customize the workflow process, screens, queries, and reports using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. After a few months, the finished product was delivered and within the first year, the realization of up-to-date and consistent reporting came to fruition.

We work with organizations to educate them about the benefits of cloud, such as the cost savings and improved efficiencies, dispelling the myths

“We tend not to look at what the competition is doing; instead, we focus on where the industry is moving, listening to clients’ business needs and alternatives to our solution set. This is because our biggest competitor is stagnation—not moving on with the next version of the product or investing in newer technology,” reveals Uesato. “We are admirers of cloud computing and going forward, we aim to focus more on this platform. And since our staff supports different industries, we aim to apply things that we have learned in one industry and put it to use in another industry,” she concludes.

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Lyn Uesato, Corporate VP and Dwight Nishida, President

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