EPMA: Fortifying Global Project and Portfolio Management

Amidst the widespread expansion and the growing market competition, it is difficult for companies to get a grasp on the sheer number of projects and resources along with the maintenance and support they have to juggle. The developing firms significantly lack visibility and the projects are often unclear to the employees, due to the extreme work pressure leading to an excessive use of the existing resources. Michael Samadi, President and CEO of EPMA says, “We have been helping CIOs and IT PMOs to overcome these challenges through careful implementation of the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution.”

EPMA is a premier Microsoft Gold Certified PPM Partner. Headquartered in Houston, TX, the firm helps businesses with all aspects of services and solutions needed to run and manage successful projects. The company focuses on increasing efficiency, mitigating risk, productivity and saving money. “The biggest differentiator of EPMA is that we are a true end-to-end project management partner to our clients, providing not only technology, but also people and process,” says Samadi. Recognizing the problems that an organization has to face, EPMA enhances their ability to properly implement company strategies.

“By leveraging an enterprise PPM toolset and harnessing the power of the Cloud, we have quickly and successfully addressed these challenges, while bringing project management insight along with data that companies can use to forecast and plan their activities,” says Samadi.

The company has helped more than 20 percent of the Fortune 500 Companies and built a world-class training facility for the developing companies. EPMA has developed and implemented some of the largest and most complex integrations ever attempted with Microsoft Project Server. With which they have helped clients minimize duplication of data, while enhancing the quality of data, and ultimately streamlining processes to assist executives and management with critical decision making.
Michael Samadi, President & CEO
For instance, Halliburton, one of the world's largest oil field services companies with operations in more than 80 countries wanted to get rid of Promavera, an aging project management system. EPMA successfully structured a curriculum to roll out all the project managers and trainees and also fitted them into the tight schedule.

EPMA is considered to be a dominant partner in the project management competency that even Microsoft uses EPMA for their training and support. EPMA has been helping organizations across the globe by implementing solutions that bring visibility into projects, finances and strategic alignment.

We have quickly and successfully addressed these challenges while bringing project management insight along with data that companies can use to forecast and plan their activities

EPMA has a heavy investment toward enhancing the Microsoft PPM solution and Microsoft SharePoint to make adoptability easier and the features more intuitive, resulting in a more satisfying user experience. “If innovation is the vision, then refinement and simplification of project management is the mission at EPMA,” concludes Samadi.


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Michael Samadi, President & CEO

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