CenterPoint Solution: Rationalizing the Concepts behind Microsoft Products

Microsoft has enabled various organizations to achieve the preeminence they had strived for, through their string of products and solutions. This IT giant is walking toe-to-toe with the latest technologies, leveraging their potential so that companies of all sizes can streamline their workflows. Although implementing Microsoft’s solutions for replacing the traditional tools with the more advanced set of solutions may seem at times a simple straight forward task, it is often fraught with pit falls. As cloud-based virtual products are rolling-out in the landscape such as Office 365, many executives are still reluctant to embrace them over their on-premise environment they currently have. Security issues associated with adoption of Cloud, and knowing the stored data’s location and its ownership are still hovering as major obstacles in the Cloud driven era. Vandalizing all the modern IT challenges, coming in the day to day jobs of IT staff and others is CenterPoint Solution. Headquartered at New York, NY, CenterPoint Solution is a certified experience facilitator partner of Microsoft. The company provides contemporary training and consulting services for the clients around the dynamics of various Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Lync, Azure, Office 365, and Business Intelligence Tools.

“I am not only the President of CenterPoint but I also carry the nickname of ‘The Microsoft Princess’ which in essence forces me to know all aspects of the Microsoft offerings to guide others to the best match and resource,” says Melanie Gass, owner and President, CenterPoint. CenterPoint was initiated in 2004 as a training company helping end users become more efficient in their workspace when using Microsoft technologies. As time progressed, the company instigated their technical training on Microsoft platforms and capitalizing Microsoft’s best practices. The consulting side was begun to empower clients in using the business intelligence tools of Microsoft that can aid them to reach excellence. “The consulting initiative has been in effect for the last five years, and we now work with in-house IT and outsource to other service providers around the globe,” delineates Melanie.

Unlike traditional services, the training program of CenterPoint showcases modern approaches for making individuals comprehend the nifty features of Microsoft products thoroughly. It allows end users to learn more, and get the best return on investments out of bought software.
Melanie Gass, President
CenterPoint recently designed and implemented a content management system solution using SharePoint that replaced the file server and also automated the approval process for invoices, expense reports, and human resource benefit forms. “We elucidate our clients through quick reference guides, short video clips having length of less than two minutes, and focused training, which is specific to the tasks users to learn,” states Melanie. She further adds, “The common feedback received is that customers learn quickly and actually remember what they learn.” This tendency of having a focused end-user approach has enabled CenterPoint to differentiate them vehemently from the competition.

We elucidate our clients through quick reference guides, short video clips having length of less than two minutes, and focused training, which is specific to the tasks users to learn

Going forward, CenterPoint intends to keep a close watch on the Microsoft roadmap, their offerings, and on the changes occurring in their product’s framework. “It will help us to educate our clients to not only make the most informed decisions, but also provide the best upgrade strategy in our customer deliverables,” explains Melanie. CenterPoint is also looking forward to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating the effects of Microsoft’s new releases and changes to existing services for their customers.

CenterPoint Solution

New York, NY

Melanie Gass, President

Provider of corporate training and consulting services on Microsoft platforms