bluesource: Uniting Technologies to Support Cloud Adoption

Matthew Edwards, President & Group CTO
Bluesource leverages nearly 15 years’ experience working with Microsoft solutions and has earned a triple gold partner status in Messaging, Communication and Collaboration and Content.

Recently extending its capability into cloud productivity and platform solutions with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, bluesource blends its knowledge of Microsoft solutions with information management products from Symantec and similarly holds gold accreditations for these. “With this knowledge, we have built a reputation as custodians of enterprise data, and working with clients in highly regulated sectors, businesses trust us with their data” says Matthew Edwards, President and Group CTO, bluesource. “We are strongly placed to be able to release the productivity potential that cloud solutions afford clients and provide the confidence that we can help them to maintain compliance and aid transition to the cloud. The development of our own IP and specialist cloud archiving solution, EV247, is testament to this knowledge and commitment to cloud solutions,” says Edwards.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, bluesource has created the world’s first information archiving solution, which they call EV247. EV247 gives customers the full functionality of Symantec EV on-premises, that provides eDiscovery and compliance capability, with the efficiencies of a fully managed cloud based archiving offer. It has recently been deployed by a globally recognized charity that was faced with growing data volumes, demands from remote users, internal resource limitations and increasing investment requirements.These challenges were resolved by moving to an EV247 software as a service (SaaS) model and as a result, IT resource is no longer required to manage the application and now operates with a financially-backed SLA.“This operating model has enabled IT to move away from a capex financial model—which required an upfront investment to cover future storage requirements—to a predictable, pay as you go opex model that removes investment spikes and allows for an even allocation of IT funds.
It also enabled remote teams to access information archives on their mobile devices whether they were online or offline,” says Edwards.

Our expertise includes moving data to the cloud. Our data migration skills are extensive in helping to avoid downtime through effective project planning and freeing IT time to focus on other business critical projects

Similarly, bluesource has enabled a leading ladies retailer to transition their current messaging solution to Exchange Online, enabling them to secure a lower cost and scalable messaging platform that supports its data growth - delivering better management of corporate information and also providing consistent, operational continuity, 24/7.

Holding a strong and unique position from a Microsoft perspective, bluesource builds on its heritage as custodians of enterprise data built up over the last 15 years, working with clients in highly regulated sectors businesses. And with offices in the US, UK, Central Europe and Australia, bluesource plans to remain focused on its key strengths–information management incorporating archiving, eDiscovery and compliance–and will continue to grow building on its reputation as custodians of enterprise data. “Our responsibility to our clients is to guide decisions on which platforms to use be it cloud, hybrid or on-premises, says Edwards. “Going forward, as we move to a mobile-first, cloud-first world, increased adoption of Microsoft cloud services will be critical. bluesource’s cloud offer, and specifically EV247, are core to the business and repeatable. We have evolved our business proposition and also extended our capability in data migration and managed services in particular - and these will continue to see development and investment.”

bluesource, Inc

Grapevine, TX

Matthew Edwards, President & Group CTO

Providing business solutions in information management which incorporate archiving, eDiscovery and compliance.

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