appStrategy: Thwart Integration Complexities with Befitting Software Platform

Greg Ozuzu CEO
Robust market shifts and emerging trends are the common scenarios in the technology industry that drive businesses to turn towards the deployment of right tools and services offered by distinguished solution providers. However, many companies that have turned towards the deployment of Microsoft technologies for data handling, cloud access, ERP, and CRM often face the challenge, while integrating the solutions to their existing infrastructure without disruption. appStrategy, emerges as rescue against such integration complexities by offering next-generation software system to enable companies to harness the benefits of new advancements alongside achieving smooth application integration. “appStrategy not only focuses on the integration of data sources and platforms that are available today, but also on empowering companies with right set of tools to define business rules and monitor their data assets, services, and processes,” says Greg Ozuzu, Founder and CEO, appStartegy.

The company’s Microsoft-based appCompass data integration product suite encompasses the appCompass Enterprise Edition, appCompass Professional Edition, and appsCompass Visual Studio Edition (VSS). The suite supports over two thousand activities of Microsoft users who are seeking to implement its tools to iron out issues surrounding mission critical data integration and business rules. The appCompass workflow foundation integration and business rules solution can be composed and orchestrated without any coding. Furthermore, the solution can be incorporated on-premises or in the cloud and interfaced with Microsoft’s systems, applications, databases, and solutions offered by, IBM, SAP, and Oracle. “Our products work with many Microsoft products—Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Visual Studio and others,” extols Ozuzu.

The appCompass Data Integration product is best suited for business professionals and is complemented with all activity modules for Flat Files, XML, and File System. The appCompass Enterprise Edition has all the features of the appCompass Professional Edition and helps store project metadata in many enterprise databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others. The solution is one of the firm’s flagship editions and is commonly sought for its capability to deliver the most powerful automation, integration, and migration suites available in the market.

Since our products support multiple projects right out of the box, partners can confidently work on multiple customer projects on the same machine

These solutions, owing to their vast functionality and applicability have a world-wide recognition and are immensely utilized in government, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and IT industries. The firm is also engaged in a unique initiative of launching PartnerFirst affiliate program to execute a ‘no fees’ model that ideally fits into partners’ and customers’ budget.“Since our products support multiple projects right out of the box, partners can confidently work on multiple customer projects on the same machine. And because our architecture is totally metadata-driven, the only time a partner really needs to work on-site is to fully test and deploy the solution,” adds Ozuzu.

appStrategy’s customer base includes the names of renowned organizations like the Nordea Bank, Eurosport, the Swiss Government, and the International Red Cross. Ozuzu believes the success of appStrategy is contributed by its workforce who drives in efficiency and brings in talent to steer companies towards success. “The people factor of appStrategy complement our pursuits and make us feel excited about Microsoft products’ roadmap that are more fluidic allowing us to react very quickly to the pace at which surroundings change around partner and customer projects,” adds Ozuzu.

appStrategy is on en route to release its new product, auditCompass for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for partners and customers who are using the platform for XRM, an enterprise auditing tool with built-in validation, monitoring and compliance tracking features. “Our future is determined by the success of many certified Microsoft partners with whom we have evolved in the industry. As they continue to rise ahead, we grow along with them,” concludes Ozuzu.


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Greg Ozuzu CEO

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