WatServ: Providing Reliable Dynamics in Simple Subscription Price

Tom Doerner, President
With over a decade of experience in hosting management, Tom Doerner, President of WatServ, feels that their unique subscription-based pricing model and their technical expertise have helped WatServ to stand out from their competitors. Based in Michigan, USA, Waterloo Managed Software Services USA Inc (operated under the name WatServ), specializes in delivering hosted ERP in a Cloud Computing model where all infrastructure, support software, operational services and technical support services are delivered as a bundled service. WatServ’s product range includes Hosted Dynamics AX, Hosted Dynamics NAV, Hosted Dynamics GP, Hosted Dynamics SL, Hosted Dynamics CRM, and Managed Hosting Services.

“We focus on providing reliable, high-performance and secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Customers choose us for several reasons but the main one is the need for highly skilled technical resources and experienced Dynamics application resources to manage these complex ERP systems. Additionally, by using WatServ, customers do not have to spend a great deal of money to build and maintain a proper data centre for these complex systems,” says Tom.

So what makes WatServ unique?“Our market expertise is managing large, complex ERP systems that often involve hundreds or thousands of users deployed globally. WatServ has developed its own software that is added on the top of other software platforms, which makes it more cost efficient and easier to manage.

With data centers in the U.S., Canada and the UK (under construction), WatServ helps the customers to lower their risk, reduce capital spending, conserve cash and reduce the cost of operations.

Customers choose us primarily because of our experience and flexible pricing model

WatServ is not a Microsoft Value Added Reseller (VAR) and does not provide any services that most Microsoft Resellers do. “We partner with VARs and work on behalf of the customers. We act as an extension of the customer’s IT team” he clarifies.

At one instance, WatServ provided a quick deployment of Dynamics AX plus high volume distribution functionality and integrated eCommerce for a leading wholesale stationery distributor. WatServ also supported the implementation of AX requirements plus Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint in under one month.

Interestingly, 2014 is turning out to be the best year in WatServ’s history. The company is on track for a 60 to 75 percent increase in sales and also has plans to double the business in next three years. “We have added over 4000 new users, since January. The number of new users is an indication of how well we are doing!” he states.

Tom also credits WatServ’s good relations with Microsoft for their success. “We work closely with Microsoft Consulting Services on the large, global deployments of Dynamics AX and with the Microsoft Windows Azure team for our future growth. We are excited to work and build our services strategy around the Azure platform. For anyone in our space, an excellent alignment with Microsoft strategy is a critical force for survival,” he concludes with a piece of business advice.


Southfield, MI

Tom Doerner, President

Specializes in delivering hosted ERP in a Cloud computing model as a service