Pyramid Analytics: Offering Composite Microsoft BI Solution

Omri Kohl, Co-Founder & CEO
Microsoft customers using Business Intelligence (BI) tools are usually overwhelmed with the array of conflicting solutions on offer. SeveralBI tools originating from different competing, internal groups of Microsoft like SQL Server’s reporting and analysis services, Office Excel, PowerPivot, PowerView and now Power BI adds to the confusion of the customer. Solving these problems is Pyramid Analytics, a Microsoft partner that is innovating business intelligence applications with gold competency.

“Each one of Microsoft’s BI tools are built to answer a different set of scenarios, so trying to combine them to provide a complete solution requires massive integration work which takes lot of time and money,” says Omri Kohl, CEO of Pyramid Analytics. Customers often hope that by combining these solutions, they can get a full BI picture, which is not the reality,” he adds.Ultimately, this leads to clients investing millions of dollars and hours into developing a custom integration solution.

Pyramid Analytics address these problems with BI Office, a ‘one stop’ solution that fulfils the clients’ integration requirements,fills the gap and handles full analytic needs. Integrating easily with different systems like SQL Server, this unified tool, on top of the Microsoft stack covers all of the scenarios: Analytics, Dashboarding, Reporting and Central Management.

Pyramid Analytics BI Office can fill in the gaps and handle full analytic needs of clients

It maximizes the Microsoft platform and allows Microsoft customers to leverage their existing investments.

Our expertise lies within governed data discovery capabilities that fulfil the needs of corporate data governance while at the same time allowing business departments the freedom and agility to gather, analyze and gain insights into their business processes. These abilities allow our customers to better run their day-to-day BI activities, balancing self-serve capabilities with central management,” notes Kohl. The tool allows executives and professionals to access their data accurately and efficiently with just a few clicks.

The solution stands out from the rest with its easy installation procedure that ends in hours. As it lies over the Microsoft stack, it comes with added benefits including governed data sources management with central usage tracking and analysis, great dynamic visualizations and dashboard capabilities and a scalable infrastructure that can support thousands of concurrent users. It also offers full support of all major SSAS features such as Actions, Dynamic sets and cell overlays. In a crux it is a complete publishing and alerting solution that allows producing conditional hard copies of reports.

“We are looking forward to see a better Microsoft support experience that will unify our customers’ efforts across the different divisions of Windows, SQL, and Office. There are big expectations to see how this “One Microsoft” initiative will bridge the different products and make installing and configuring the Microsoft BI stack easier,” notes Kohl.

With high double digit growth rate in the past few years, Pyramid Analytics plan to keep its focus on making BI more intuitive, easy to use and accessible by more users. “Areas like Big Data analytics and more cloud offerings are on our radar. In addition, we are working on some new projects that will be released next year,” says Kohl.

Pyramid Analytics

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Omri Kohl, Co-Founder & CEO

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