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CIO VendorGreg Frankenfield, Co-Founder & CEO
Amidst today’s changing face of software development, it is imperative for businesses to closely monitor industry developments and adapt key technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Magenic is a firm determined to tackle modern application development with a no-nonsense approach. Spearheaded by numerous Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) and V-TSPs (Virtual Technology Solution Professional), the company has been developing custom applications in and around the Microsoft platform for nearly two decades.

With extensive experience in enterprise application development, the company has established itself as an elite technology partner for custom software solutions. “We use our expertise to develop industry-leading custom software solutions that can transform your business in a way that no off-the-shelf product can,” says Greg Frankenfield, co-founder and CEO, Magenic. With an in-house User Experience (UX) design team and a proven Quality Assurance (QA) practice, the company’s software development team is ready to tackle any technologies or platforms including the newest Microsoft technologies. Magenic’s impressive range of services includes application development, QA, data and analytics, UX design, and application integration that meet client’s changing business needs.

The company utilizes its scalable delivery methodology, world-class technical expertise, and the ability to be flexible in customer engagements, to deliver powerful solutions and add value to customers. Being a full-service, professional services partner that has local consultants and a proven delivery process, Magenic has the ability to get projects to market faster. “You don’t just work with individuals, you work with a team that is focused on managing costs and delivering software results,” claims Frankenfield.
Various organizations in the finance, manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare, and government sectors use Magenic’s solutions. For instance, an industry-leading medical device designer was unhappy with its under performing infusion pump management system. The company needed to process millions of status messages regarding its pumps across the U.S. and Canada every eight hours, and their current system struggled to process more than 100,000. Magenic utilized ASP.NET and developed a new scalable management system with a QA process that featured automated load testing, and met all of the FDA’s rigid acceptance criteria. As a status message came in from each pump every 15 minutes, along with additional events to be tracked, Magenic designed the system so as to handle as many as 32 million messages and events in the same timeframe. In addition to development and QA, they designed a custom, best-in-class user experience that greatly enhanced the usability for client’s administrators.

What does the future have in store for Magenic? “Modern application development and delivery,” says Frankenfield. The company already has a fair investment in this terminology as the creators of the Modern Apps Live!–a conference for developers on how to build modern applications. With many companies seeing Azure as their cloud computing platform of choice, Magenic intends to delve deeper into Azure as well.

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Greg Frankenfield, Co-Founder & CEO

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