Levergent Technologies: Translating Manufacturing Data into Actionable Insights

CIO VendorVenkat Sankaran, Managing Director
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) and Manufacturing Internet of Things (MIoT) are two fairly low-key terms that are highly significant in today’s manufacturing industry. As the pace of businesses accelerate, there is a greater need to have unobstructed visibility of plant floor activity to drive informed decision-making at the enterprise level. The C-suite executives would do well to keep an eye on this space as Gartner expects the EMI market to reach more than $26 billion by 2016.

Competing with big players in the EMI space like Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, and consistently performing well is the Illinois-based company Levergent Technologies. “Ours is a very unique platform driven solution footprint,” says Venkat Sankaran, Managing Director, Levergent Technologies, “LogicApps breaks down the information barrier between plant operations and management decision-making.” The company’s flagship product LogicApps is built on the robust Microsoft technology stack, .net framework, Windows Server and SQL Server. It is a scalable EMI solution that acquires information from plant floor and provides real-time visibility to the supervisors. The product’s impressive features include, real-time production, predictive hedging, digital traceability, integration with leading ERP systems, comprehensive analysis reports and dashboards.

Availability of timely information is critical in the manufacturing industry and this is exactly what LogicApps makes possible through a combination of highly optimized hardware and Microsoft-based software that operates seamlessly.

Our solutions break down the barrier between plant operations and management decision-making

LogicApps collects information from disparate sources and wirelessly communicates it to the supervisors driving proactive management of resources, thus saving costs and improving productivity. LogicApps also has a built in analytical engine that provides predictive intelligence capabilities.

Generally, EMI solution providers are dependent on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products to collect data from machines, but COTS solutions require enormous amount of programing effort for each machine. On the other hand, as the LogicApps hardware is configurable, it enables 3 times faster deployment. “Our configurable hardware can be plugged and played with any machine in the plant,” says Sankaran. LogicApps eliminates the need to buy separate data acquisition solutions and custom program them, the hardware platform can be configured directly and wirelessly from its Microsoft server making the embedded device run independent of the equipment it is connected.

LogicApps has completely integrated the world’s third largest Farm equipment manufacturer’s manufacturing process, improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in double digits. Among other benefits, the customer also saw heavy reduction in line stoppages as a result of real-time kitting and feeder line mapping. Currently, Levergent has various live case studies in the automobile, consumer products, pharmaceutical, and the food and beverage industry.

Having rolled out the LogicApps after 5 years of development, Levergent is well out of its startup cocoon. “Currently, LogicApps is being optimized for cloud, thus making it accessible to small and medium industries, and will be launched in August 2014,” says Baby Rogini Ramamoorthy, Head of Global Operations.

With the cloud version of LogicApps set to enter the production phase in the next couple of months, the company is focused on continuing to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies to improve the plant floor performance. “With the unique combination of a world class platform based product and much reduced deployment time, implementation, product and license costs of competing products, we are able to deliver quick and value added results to customers. We expect to grow in multiple folds in the next few years and become a $100 million company,” says Sankaran.

Levergent Technologies

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Venkat Sankaran, Managing Director

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