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Multifaceted CONNX 11.5 Supports SQL Azure, SAP Hana and Microsoft SQL 2012

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FREMONT, CA: CONNX Solutions, leading provider of simplified data access, data management, data virtualization, and data integration software solutions, releases CONNX 11.5. It introduces support for SQL Azure, SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL 2012 and additional platforms, and offers integration with Microsoft SSIS, Real Time replication for Adabas and performance enhancements.

CONNX 11.5 also offers full support for SQL Server 2012 in addition to SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000 as well as SAP Hana and MaxDB.

CONNX supports the cloud with support for SQL Azure and offers the ability to move data from over 100+ supported Databases to Azure, from Azure to CONNX supported databases, and from Azure to Azure. “We have had a number of requests from our 3000+ customers asking for cloud support as they have been looking at moving from on-premise to the cloud,” said Larry McGhaw, the CTO & VP of Engineering at CONNX Solutions.

The CONNX SSIS CDC Connector enables MS SQL Server SSIS packages to incrementally process data instead of performing a full “extract and load” each time the package is run. Using the CONNX connection object, now a menu item within SSIS, data can be processed incrementally – from any data source, and the target database stays “live” 24/7. The DataSync Transformation Server provides complete control of CDC processing from within SSIS, allowing either full CDC or just inserts and updates with no deletes. The limitation of SSIS packages only running during a batch window is eliminated. Enhanced auditing capabilities with the ability to track changes compared to full dump and load is standard in the product.

 “With the release of Version 11.5, CONNX is now firmly established in all levels of the enterprise. We have a lot of our 3000+ customers that use SAP and want the ability to move data from their databases to and from SAP Hana,” stated Douglas D. Wright, President and CEO of CONNX Solutions, Inc.