Adobe and Microsoft's partnership Help Businesses Maximize Investment in Technology
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Adobe and Microsoft's partnership Help Businesses Maximize Investment in Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, May 1, 2015

REDMOND, WA: Adobe and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership in order to transform customer engagement across sales, service and marketing. The collaboration comprises the integration of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Solutions with Microsoft’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution offering customers a better experience eliminating the siloed experiences in marketing, sales and service interactions.

The partnership will bring an integrated CRM-marketing solution to marketers including financial services, travel and leisure. The Microsoft dynamic marketing and its integrated marketing solutions supports the Adobe marketing cloud to offer customers with value added services.

The partnership helps the clients to develop their sales and marketing activities by offering solutions based on customer needs. It identifies sales opportunities and helps guide sales; provide clients with real-time services and solutions through websites and ads.

Combine Web behavior data with order history, return history, loyalty status and call center history to not only identify where in the sales life-cycle stage a customer is, but then also deliver the right content at the right time.

“Partnering with Adobe enables us to deliver a comprehensive set of customer engagement processes to enterprise customers to help them be more productive and better engage with their customers. The integration of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution with the Adobe Marketing Cloud will enable business professionals to maximize their investment in technology and deliver breakthroughs in marketing, sales and customer care,” says Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft.

“Adobe and Microsoft are creating the industry’s first large-scale solution for connecting the customer experience across all touch points. We are making it possible for the long-held promise of the customer-centric enterprise to become a data-driven reality,” says Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe.