7 Reasons to Choose a Microsoft Gold Partner As Your Cloud Vendor|Trusted Tech Team

Todd Richardson, Chief Revenue Officer, Trusted Tech Team
Todd Richardson, Chief Revenue Officer, <a href='https://www.cioreview.com/trusted-tech-team' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Trusted Tech Team</a>

Todd Richardson, Chief Revenue Officer, Trusted Tech Team

Understanding software is difficult, but choosing the right vendor shouldn’t be. Microsoft stands as one of the top tech giants with its cloud platform driving fourth-quarter results with $51.9 billion in revenue - up 28% year-over-year. Due to increasing customer commitment to the cloud platform, many vendors are jumping in on the cloud train. However, as a customer shopping for a cloud service provider (CSP), what exactly are you supposed to look for in a vendor? With so many CSPs and MSPs to choose from, the research can be overwhelming. As a result, Trusted Tech Team (TTT) has worked with many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations to help them transition to discounted licensing and flexible billing with zero downtime as well as complimentary Tier 3 US-based support.

Trusted Tech Team - We Tech Things Seriously

Trusted Tech Team (TTT) was founded by a group of software enthusiasts motivated to change the state of licensing and software procurement in the IT industry. By adopting a customer service-centric approach, TTT is able to build lasting relationships with our customers and understand what the customers need to maximize their IT budget. As TTT continues to grow, we increasingly work on easing the software purchasing experience for our clients. The company hires in-house Microsoft engineers to continuously educate ourselves and others about Microsoft’s expansive and complex products and licenses. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and CSP Direct Partner, TTT became the go-to Microsoft expert in the industry.

So, what does this all mean for cloud-seeking customers? As a direct partner of Microsoft, TTT works directly with Microsoft to guarantee the lowest prices and the highest level of customer service. Choosing TTT as your CSP will maximize your tech budget and give you peace of mind.

Nordstrom Service - Walmart Prices

Cloud budget is one of the main pain points for decision-makers when choosing the right provider. Too low of a price? Raises questions. Too high? Out of budget - out of mind. If you’re looking for products and services that will best serve your business, reach out to one of our Microsoft engineers to learn why many IT professionals switch to TTT.

● Up to 20% Off MSRP: As direct Microsoft partners, TTT is dedicated to helping you find the best discounts for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

● Flexible Billing Options: Billing is simplified through our flexible payment and prorated billing options designed to take the headache out of cloud computing. Our engineers are willing to get you the billing option you need for your organization.

Elevate Your Cloud Computing Support

Navigating the cloud can be daunting, especially for those starting out. Whether you’re looking for a walkthrough of some M365 account benefits, or you’d like to request technical support and services, we deliver unbeatable customer service who are always on-call to answer your concerns.

 As a direct partner of Microsoft, the Trusted Tech Team works directly with Microsoft to guarantee the lowest prices and the highest level of customer service. Choosing TTT as your CSP will maximize your tech budget and give you peace of mind 

● Knowledgeable Microsoft Experts: With high-level expertise in Microsoft and dedication to helping our customers navigate the cloud, we are the go-to Microsoft vendor for all questions, resources, and range of support.

● Complimentary Elevation to US-Based Tier 3 Support:  Our range of support includes the fastest initial response time of 1 hour or less. Our US-Based team is dedicated to helping you with high-severity support requests, escalation management for priority issues, and account management - at no additional cost.

● Hands-On Professional Services: Aside from our core support system, TTT provides additional assistance to clients who need help with hands-on migration systems and are requesting build-ups and reviews such as mailbox migrations, Azure/O365 buildups, and architectural reviews.

Account Flexibility

● Self-Service Licensing Portal With Instant Provisioning: Regain flexibility of your account and control how you want to manage your licenses with our self-portal account billing and licensing management system available 24/7.

● Seamless Transition - Zero Downtime: As a Microsoft Direct Bill and Gold Partner, we offer a seamless transition to discounted licensing and flexible billing with zero downtime.

At TTT, we offer the best for the best. With the lowest discounted pricing, complimentary on-call support, Microsoft expertise, and a customer-focused billing and account management system, choosing TTT as the go-to cloud vendor has been a seamless transition for many of our IT professionals. By disrupting the IT industry, we help organizations work with the most knowledgeable engineers to ensure that our customers are always maximizing their tech budget and trusting us to handle any hands-on projects. We know licensing is tough, which is why we make it easy.