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Michael Guggemos, Chief Operations and Information Officer & Nick Lissette, Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Email has been the predominant force of business communication for more than two decades. It is estimated that professionals spend about 6.3 hours a day, sending and receiving an average of 123 emails. Amidst the Covid19 pandemic, overall email traffic increased by 40 percent globally. However, despite its significance as a workplace staple, the long-term viability and potential of email as a primary communications platform is greatly underutilized.

Black Pearl Mail provides an enhancement to employee email through a combination of 3 features. By unlocking the full potential of email banners, email signature management and email performance analytic, Black Pearl Mail makes external-facing functions like marketing, sales and accounting smarter and more effective, resulting in more sales, more traffic and increased engagement. Internal communications are also greatly enhanced by Black Pearl as it drives further internal awareness and response rates company-wide. The platform is offered as a SaaS add on to Microsoft Office-365 and Google G-Suite, and enables companies to activate the intelligence of email and use it more strategically.

“We add proven value to what you are already doing through email,” mentions Michael Guggemos, Chief Operations and Information Officer of the company. “Every email sent has a purpose—whether it’s closing a sale, promoting a special offer or driving traffic, our tools help you get there faster.” The solution allows companies to update and manage company-wide signatures and banners in minutes, from any location and without the hassles of code. Users also appreciate the time saving of easy branding consistency across browsers and devices, so emails always look great regardless of medium. Furthermore, the “groups” feature allows for custom signature and banner messaging for each department or team across the company.

The solution’s biggest differentiators in the marketplace is the platform’s analytics engine on the backend, which gives users data and insights to improve their email efforts. Black Pearl Mail’s Insights aims to give companies the necessary tools to make sense of their email data, as well as understand who their users are and how they are interacting with their email. The backend analytics engine helps companies utilize data to improve their communications back to their customers. “Imagine knowing the magic moment someone opens your email and what they clicked on. The insights we provide lets you better plan your next move, making sure you send the right email at the right time, every time." Says CoFounder and Director, Nick Lisette. Email insights provide Real-Time Notifications, Customized Daily Digest, and End-User Analytics and Insights. These powerful features give each user a personalized view of their interactions and actionable data. The following use case demonstrates the practicality and usability of Black Pearl Mail:

A multinational corporation used the platform for discovering new opportunities in their sales channels. Depending upon the activities that they have going on at that particular time, they are able to quickly adapt their messaging across a broad set of their inside sales. This means that the client is now communicating uniformly about technologies, products and services that are important to that specific client base at that time. The client is able to execute this as a marketing campaign with a personalized touch by using banners, ads, and the different links they embed in the messages. The client can thus successfully keep the consistency in the look and the feel of the email, all the way down through the signature lines and the social media pieces. Through this, the client can successfully discover opportunities for growth by identifying the typical times when the direct engagement of their prospective customers is at the highest.

Moving ahead, the company plans to leverage data for helping their clients to boost growth. “Data is the fourth industrial revolution. it will define the winners, the losers in business over the next decade, and Black Pearl’s goal is to use the power of everyday email to help, all businesses unlock productive insights,” says Guggemos.

Black Pearl Mail

Scottsdale, AZ

Michael Guggemos, Chief Operations and Information Officer & Nick Lissette, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Black Pearl Mail Mail was launched in 2014. The company’s goal is to make email a more effective business tool. They feel that emails should look better, signatures should be easier to manage, and performance data should be readily available and transparent. As the evolved, they realized that attractive, dynamic emails created increased web and social media traffic from recipients clicking links and images in the email, thus email as an owned media channel was born–or as they call it Owned Email™. The company uses unique technology which they believe is critical for both effective branding/management of email and using email as an owned media channel

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