Cloud & Beyond: An Intelligent Business Transformation Enabler

Sridhar Paladugu, Founder & Lead Architect
Challenges abound when enterprises dart towards business transformation. Inability to scale high-cost business operations, siloed data, and information security plague the modern day businesses and hinder their progress. The overhaul of business processes is an inevitable task, which is simplified by Princeton, NJ based Cloud & Beyond. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, deep machine learning powered platform cabNexT enables clients to undergo a business transformation by automating and expediting business processes. “Our platform gains specific insights into how certain business processes or segments operate, thereby laying an effective roadmap for business transformation,” states Sridhar Paladugu, Founder and Lead Architect, Cloud & Beyond.

cabNexT, the unified platform for business process enhancements, empowers clients to discover opportunities for improvement in areas such as prospecting, fraud detection, infrastructure monitoring, cyber security and provide the necessary technology to achieve the same. The company leverages its years of expertise in cloud technologies like Azure, Office 365, SharePoint to automate and streamline complex processes. For instance, if a client uses distinct tools for sales and marketing from different vendors then Cloud & Beyond harnesses Microsoft tools and technologies to connect the existing disparate tools, and creates one data layer to facilitate data interchange and process overhaul. Eventually, the holistic process enhancement efforts, powered by cabNexT, eliminate labor intensiveness and high cost of operations.

Cloud & Beyond transcends the role of solution and service provider as it assists the clients to automatically zero in on the right Microsoft product and purchase licenses in an automated manner. “Even with a subject matter expert, you will never have right licenses at the right price. But we achieve this criterion with 100 percent automation,” remarks Paladugu. With the company’s real-time enablement framework, businesses answer the questionnaire and receive a proposal as the last step.

Our platform gains specific insights into how certain business processes or segments operate, thereby laying an effective roadmap for business transformation

The enablement work recognizes the subtle differences in the offerings and identifies the right solution for the client without involving humans. For example, if a client seeks a Dynamics 365 license then the framework proposes a product plan that suits the client requirement. However, if a client is unhappy with the proposal, then guidance from Cloud & Beyond staff and one iteration of proposal generation process land the client at the right license. During this iteration, Cloud & Beyond’s tool learns customer choices and uses this knowledge to proactively address their needs in the future.

Though drive towards business transformation with the help of Microsoft offering is a trend, few businesses are averse to deploy these new age solutions. Cloud & Beyond educates these enterprises about benefits of Microsoft products and prepares them for a forward leap. For instance, one of the clients was using the legacy systems and averse to the idea of joining cloud bandwagon. Cloud & Beyond educated the client on various Microsoft cloud offerings and implemented the products that enabled client’s digital transformation.

To notch up client’s business transformation, Cloud & Beyond invests in data scientists, AI specialist, and also taps into their own expertise and background. In addition, the partnership with Microsoft lends the company with an access to the latest and upcoming Microsoft products, helping it to serve their client’s needs holistically. “We are planning to train our intuitive platform further and usher it to the era of AI 2.0 where machines would think like their human counterparts,” says Paladugu.

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Sridhar Paladugu, Founder & Lead Architect

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