IntelliPoint Technologies, LLC: Enabling Efficient Operations through Dynamics GP and Network Automation

Dennis Barry, CEO
Various organizations have challenges surrounding the use of technology and aligning it with their strategic aims, as well as remedying regulatory requirements. “IntelliPoint excels in providing strategic business process knowledge, while aligning to IT, and technical expertise and solutions to address governmental controls,” begins Dennis Barry, CEO, IntelliPoint Technologies, LLC.

The company was founded in 1998 as an ERP solution provider to the Small and Midsized Business (SMB) market. “Over the years, our clientele was clamoring for a one-stop shop for all their IT and back office automation needs. We transformed from just an ERP solution provider to a true all-encompassing managed solution provider,” says Barry.

The company has been a Dynamics GP partner since the early days, which nurtured their original flagship product—Microsoft Dynamics GP. “We are involved in operations from an organization’s front office to their accounting department, through the loading dock, and up to administration. IntelliPoint’s consulting expertise and software solutions enable them to control everything they touch, organize it, and report it more accurately,” says Barry. IntelliPoint understands its clients’ business process and manages the entire system, making it easy for customers to focus on their core business without worrying about IT.

The rapid IT transformation is changing organizations’ operational processes as “we are seeing a migration of servers and systems to cloud and hybrid cloud. ERP clients are moving toward web clients, as well as hosting of the data. Seamless integrations with Office 365 and Dynamics GP allow us to bring access and mobility to our clients,” explains Barry. For instance, IntelliPoint implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for a local university’s athletic department to automate systems that were either manual or antiquated bottlenecks. “By integrating transactional data from disparate systems to the Dynamics GP back office, the university realized tremendous efficiencies and reduction in labor,” points out Barry. Integrating and automating activities such as athletic ticket sales, procurement card processing and regulatory reporting made for smoother operations and happier staff.
IntelliPoint has also provided expertise and services to a multi-location healthcare provider to assist inmigrating their EMR system to the cloud. The healthcare provider was struggling to support their staff’s IT needs and challenges related to HIPAA compliance. “We developed a migration plan, which entailed managing their IT infrastructure and firewall, while showing an ROI of less than 8 months,” he says.

IntelliPoint understands its client’s business process, aligns knowledge with their IT needs and manages the entire system

The world is growing smaller every day as mobility and interconnectivity have now become a necessity. Through these requirements, IntelliPoint offers Voice over IP solutions to benefit the growing customers connecting their remote workers, branch offices and traveling professionals. “Every member has the power to connect as if they are in the office next door, which also reduces their operational costs,” says Barry.

IntelliPoint invests in technology, internal tools, and also training for its employees. Unlike other technology providers, who understand technology, but not business systems, IntelliPoint is expert in both, which pays tremendous benefits to its clients. That’s what makes IntelliPoint unique.

Moving forward, “we are like a close-knit professional football team where everyone has a part to play, and they play it well. We are knit together in unity; this helps other members to be confident, which inspires and motivates them to take care of the business on their end,” notes Barry. The company’s vision within the next 5 years is to be a premier IT business solution partner for SMB, providing IT outsourcing and back office systems in their 3 state areas. “We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are in it together to win,” concludes Barry.

IntelliPoint Technologies, LLC

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Dennis Barry, CEO

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