Blackstone+Cullen: Turning Data into Actionable Insight for a Successful Business

Lee Blackstone, Co-Founder & CEO
As software giant Microsoft shifts its focus to renewing business agility,Blackstone+Cullen, with its over twenty five years of experience in building business intelligence solutions, is the right fit to transform companies into high-performance businesses. A long standing partner with Microsoft, Blackstone+Cullen brings true cross-platform enterprise experience and delivers best of breed technology and consulting solutions. “Our analytics and development teams solve complex business problems by aligning a client’s business strategy with technology. This has led us to focus on Ultimate Solution Experience™ (USX),” states Lee Blackstone, Co-Founder and CEO, Blackstone+Cullen.

A game changer in business—USX is a service related to business management consultancy as well as development of processes for the analysis and the implementation of strategic plans and management projects. “We believe that this service holds huge opportunities for our customers,” remarks Blackstone.

Furthermore, the company’s reference architectures, which utilize a Common Business Object (CBO) model, has allowed Blackstone+Cullen's customers to achieve incredibly fast deployment operation cycles. The impact of the CBO framework is such that it results in maximum profitability for new products, increased revenue, and improved traceability of data. “Due to the rapid changing business world today, we work as closely with the business units who consume the data as much as IT, who provides the data.”

Enhancing the client’s data journey, Blackstone+Cullen has also developed a Report Development Methodology which follows the CBO Framework. “To develop Reports and Dashboards is comparatively easy, but the true challenge lies in acquiring and aggregating 50 or more data sources every day and putting it in a form that can deliver a ctionable analytics. Our C BO framework allows us to deliver results in days not years,” informs Blackstone.
For a large Metals and Mining Company, this approach allowed the integration of eight companies in seven months with source systems spanning HP3000’s to VAX 780’s in China to AS/400 RPG environments in France.

Guided by a drive to see customers succeed, 80 percent of Blackstone+Cullen's primary contacts have been promoted or given bonuses based on the solutions provided. In one instance, a large automobile leasing company wanted a customer facing portal across their 4000+ customers. This required the consolidation of data from 43 AS/400’s into a single SQL Server data store. The client initially wanted to use Business Objects as their tool for portal reporting, but this solution came with a cost of $1.4 Million. As a solution, Blackstone+Cullen took all Business Objects dashboard reports for the portal and redeveloped them in Reporting Services making them appear exactly like the original Business Objects reports. “The client was in love with the solution—thinking all along it was Business Objects. It was only after they approved the solution that they were told it was Microsoft’s Reporting Services and their decision saved the company millions,” says a proud Blackstone.

Our CBO framework allows us to deliver results in days not years

Blackstone+Cullen has been delivering enterprise and operational solutions in every country since its inception. This allows them to deliver a true global perspective to their customers and reduce the time to solution delivery. The company is also making strides in the area of wearable devices to help patients determine if they need medication. T he company’s focus however,will be on predictive and prescriptive modeling and enterprise solutions. “Our forte lies in predictive and prescriptive data in B2B environments and we will continue applying this expertise to the maximum benefit of our customers,” ends Blackstone.


Lee Blackstone, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides technology and consulting solutions such as Business Intelligence/Analytics solutions,Data Warehousing, and Business Process.