Riley Technologies: Upgrading Microsoft Skills for Maximum Productivity

Patrick Riley, President
“Upgrading to the latest technologies can be a futile expedition without the right skills to use it,” says Patrick Riley, President of Riley Technologies, who clearly understands the problems this causes in the fragmented MS environment. The de facto standard business applications provider for many enterprises, Microsoft provides many benefits, such as application integration and a singular user experience. However users often fail to understand how to experience the seamless functionality they expect from Microsoft’s offerings. “Most users can navigate through the ribbon and home screens, but it is only when they acquire the formal skills to leverage each apps’ capability that they really experience the full value,” says Riley. “That’s why at Riley Technologies, we provide the cutting edge Microsoft training that clients need and the service that they want,” adds Riley.

Riley Technologies owns and operates New Horizons of Wisconsin, a part of the world’s largest independent IT training organization, which for over three decades have been upgrading the tech skills of businesses for better productivity. With training available in Microsoft Office, Windows OS family, and over a complete range of Windows certified technical courses; the company equips their clients with the knowledge, skills and real-world exercises necessary to master the world of Microsoft products. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, Riley Tech provides multiple learning platforms for clients—whether it is virtual-live, classroom, on-site, customized or private delivery. “We understand that our clients have different needs and learning styles, and we cater to that. We combine our top-notch facilities, technology, and platforms with our stellar quality to give clients exactly what they need and more,” says Riley.

One of the reasons we wanted to profile this Wisconsin company is their multiple and recent global recognitions for their quality of instruction, depth of offerings and customer satisfaction. “As recently as April of this year, we were once again pleased to be recognized as one of the top 10 learning centers globally in customer quality. It really speaks to the dedication and operational excellence of our team”. The company delivers face-to-face service and attentiveness to meet its customer’s desires, while offering a consistent, live training using the largest IT training network in the world.
“We have facilitated training for customers across the globe, all the while instilling excellent learning experience. New Horizons delivers over 40 percent of Microsoft’s training globally, and no one else has that kind of reach,” says Riley. Since training programs can often be complex and difficult to manage, the company offers fully customized training schedules by creating individual learning portals. Everything from class selection, registrations, allocations and post-class support is provided by Riley Technologies’ team.

As an IT training organization, Riley Tech’s services continue beyond applications and technical training. One of its most exciting offerings is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is a set of concepts and policies for managing and administrating information technology (IT) infrastructure, development and operations. This influences and directs the entire technology plans of organizations. Deployment of ITIL has proven to be one of the most valuable services the company provides.

Riley Technologies’ finds its spot among large enterprises from Fortune 1000 to Fortune 100, SMBs, and any other organizations which leverage Microsoft solutions for their everyday business needs. “Our customers reap the benefits fast. In the past month, we trained 150 police department employees in just 5 days on Microsoft products. Without our learning management system, that would’ve been a Herculean challenge,” says Riley.

It is our passion to empower people to succeed through learning and service. Nothing matters more

Riley is excited about the future of IT—“Our services will have massive opportunities to expand as technology shifts to cloud computing, mobile and the internet of things. Going ahead, we will continue to help our clients understand the technology, as well as teach them to work and leverage it for maximum effect,” says Riley.

Riley Technologies: New Horizons of Wisconsin

Brookfield, WI

Patrick Riley, President

Riley Technologies which owns and operates New Horizons of Wisconsin provides customized, project-based value with innovative, strategic technology solutions