Peters & Associates: The De-facto Partner for Microsoft Implementations

CIO VendorRichard Opal, Vice President & General Manager
Many organizations that swiftly opt for cloud solutions often struggle to retain a competitive infrastructure, as they fail to adopt the right strategies required for this transformation. Understanding this, Peters & Associates provide solutions that leverage Microsoft’s ‘Mobile First Cloud First’ strategy to the benefit of their customers. “We harness Power BI, EMS, Azure, Office 365, and other multi-factor management solutions to bring a holistic scenario to customers so that they can leverage a hybrid cloud infrastructure within their environment,” says Richard Opal, VP and GM, Peters & Associates.

Headquartered near Chicago, Peters & Associates is a Microsoft partner for infrastructure with a remarkably long tradition that very few in the industry can claim. As a multi-vendor network consultant, designer, developer, and systems integrator, the company provides technology solutions that are predictable, secure, and scalable for Windows Server, SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, and System Center. In collaboration with Microsoft, the company offers Office 365 and Windows Azure to build, deploy and manage applications across the network of data centers using any language, tool or framework that can integrate cloud solutions with existing IT environment.

Opal highlights Peters & Associates’ long standing association with Microsoft as their major differentiating factor. Being Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for entire Central region that constitutes 18 states, their relationship to Microsoft extends beyond local resources to product groups.

We are harnessing Power BI, EMS, Azure, Office 365, and other multifactor management solutions to bring a holistic scenario for customers to leverage hybrid cloud infrastructure within their environment

“Peters &Associates have badged Microsoft employees with access to their knowledge collateral and content. We go behalf of Microsoft to present strategy, roadmap and solutions to customers,” says Opal. “We are also trained along with Microsoft employees in many induction programs,” he adds. This makes Peters & Associates a thought leader in the customers’ eyes.

Assisted by their longevity in market, the company keeps multiple strategies to stay ahead of the curve including continuous training of the staff on latest technologies. “We reward our Employee timely for reinventing what they do. The idea behind this is to create a network that delivers solutions to match demanding business requirements that will bring benefit to our customers,” says Opal.

Highlighting one of their success stories with customers is Empire Today, a home improvement and furnishing company. The client wanted to improve their sales process by providing mobile technology to 1,200 independent sales contractors. They needed the right mobile technology platform for achieving goals, including a mobile device that runs on an operating system that works with IT environment and matches the in house development skills. The organization turned to Peters & Associates, a Microsoft’s Gold Partner. Peter & Associates, used Windows Intune, the cloud based mobile device management solution running on Windows 8.1 RT operating system and Microsoft Azure cloud environment to host a separate domain and an Active Directory solution for the client’s independent sales contractors. Ultimately, the solution helped improving the sales of the client without the need for increasing workforce.

Going forward, Peters & Associates will continue to expand their managed service offerings along with providing packaged offerings to customers with specific Intellectual Property that they can quickly implement to receive value from cloud platforms. “Our focus lies on solutions that will leverage the extension of Azure, Office 365 and its usage,” says Opal. “We want to keep growing and increase our recurring revenue at a higher pace,” he adds. “As a partner, we will help customers consume Microsoft solutions in the best possible fashion,” Opal concludes.

Peters & Associates

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Richard Opal, Vice President & General Manager

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