Nectar Services Corp: Providing Next-Gen Technology to Eliminate Unified Communications Complexity

CIO VendorDavid Giangano, CEO, Nectar Services Corp.
With an increasingly changing landscape, organizations are facing new operational challenges and multivendor interdependencies,amidst a failing ecosystem of technologies to support Unified Communications (UC) converged networks. Nectar Services Corp is one such organization that specializes in delivering software solutions that empower their customers to improve UC management, visibility, and service delivery across global and enterprise converged networks. Its flagship product, Converged Management Platform (CMP) solution provides comprehensive insight into network and UC application issues for fast problem resolution, which results in lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Specifically, Nectar offers the most comprehensive Microsoft Lync monitoring in the industry. “The current challenge with monitoring Microsoft Lync is that clients and managed service providers are reliant on post-call quality metrics, without the ability to correlate performance across the network due to Lync encryption. The encryption provides excellent security, however, it is very difficult to understand session-path across the network, isolate the problem and correct it,” explains David Giangano, CEO, Nectar Services Corp.“The main challenge in delivering the highest quality performance in UC networks like Microsoft Lync, is delivering real-time visibility across the entire multi-vendor UC ecosystem. These environments require powerful forensic and analytic tools to isolate the root-cause of the service affecting issues.

Our solutions provide unique insight and visibility to minimize the complexities of UC, which save our clients and partners time, resources, and money

These tools need to be able to auto discover the UC environment, be intuitive, easy to manage and configure,” adds Giangano.

Being a Microsoft Depth Partner of the Lync Software Defined Networking (SDN) API program, Nectar’s solution correlates all network topology, as well as network session and content information, giving administrators a complete picture of the Lync environment. “With our deep integration with the LyncSDN API, the Lync end-user experience is enhanced,” claims Tom Tuttle, Vice President - Microsoft Practice. “The Lync SDN API provides us with real-time information and we, in turn, provide our partners with unique insight and visibility of all Lync voice and video sessions to help eliminate the complexities and diagnose issues impacting Lync,” adds Tuttle.

Nectar also provides innovative solutions that enable IT organizations with actionable information to adapt to change, manage complexity, and transform their infrastructure. “We provide the most comprehensive end-to-end view of UC services environment and correlate all the information, making the job easier for our clients and partners, saving them time, resources, and money,” says Tuttle.

So what makes Nectar unique? “We have an extremely flexible platform, a robust multi-tenant user interface, perfect for the service provider and enterprise customer alike, and true end-to-end visibility enabling companies to mitigate risk, centralize systems and management, and dramatically reduce expenses,” reveals Tuttle.

Going forward, Nectar is committed to expanding their Microsoft Practice and plans to continue its development efforts with Microsoft as a Depth Partner to further enhance their visibility across the entire Lync ecosystem.

“In this industry, you need to have the end-user at the core of your focus from the beginning. Having the right solutions and the ability to monitor and manage the entire UC environment from a single-paneof-glass clearly provide tremendous valueadd to our clients and partners,” concludes Tuttle.

Nectar Services Corp.

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David Giangano, CEO, Nectar Services Corp. and Tom Tuttle, VP, Microsoft Practise

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