Microsoft and Hospitality
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Microsoft and Hospitality

Marlon Ortiz, Former VP of IT, American Casino & Entertainment

Microsoft is a key partner for us. While we run our critical applications on Microsoft products—Microsoft SQL, Operating Systems, Office and many others—we are also migrating our data to the cloud with their help. Further, they also handle the sustained delivery of application patches to ensure security for our organization. As Redmond, WA-based Technology Company takes care of our end-to-end technical requirements, we can better focus on business. Being a part of the hospitality industry, our focus is to provide better customer service and our partnership with Microsoft has truly changed the dynamics of the IT and hospitality industry.

Strategic Points to Steer the Company

Quality experience for our guests is the need of the hour; be it restaurants, hotels rooms, or gaming. To this end, technology should align with business requirements. My role is to ensure that we provide the technology that empowers our employees to provide better service to the customers.

Enhancing Gaming Experiences with Microsoft

The business processes in our organization are based on the technological framework that Microsoft provides. As a part of gaming, retail, and hotel operations, the chosen framework helps in running our operations successfully. We have relied on Microsoft SQL database application to understand the services for the decision making system that allows us to accurately reward players whenever there is a winner. This also helps in managing customers efficiently and delivering quality service.

  Understanding the hospitality business thoroughly and sustaining profitability are the key factors that determine the success of the organization Partnership with Microsoft  

Strategies to Make Partnerships Work

Developing software is not our forte; therefore, we rely on our technology partners. We are partnering with Agilysys, a company that develops Microsoft technology, to provide better customer service. We are also looking at multiple technologies to enhance the efficiency in housekeeping, consumer support, and digitization of services. We are looking at all the services that enhance our system. If a technology company has a solution and the assurance to address our IT problems, we implement that technology.

Engaging People

The most important factor in the hospitality industry is how we interact with our customers. The game changer in the area of communication today is social media. We utilize social media to communicate with our guests. Through this new age collaboration medium, we are able to handle the surge in the number of guests who utilize mobile devices extensively. Interactive communication has reached greater heights with new developments in social media. It has become a powerful tool where we can promote our business with a wider reach.

Advice for New Leaders

It is imperative to understand the objectives of the organization. To be a leader in the hospitality arena, the primary focus should be on merging technological knowledge with the business aspect. Understanding the hospitality business thoroughly and sustaining profitability are the key factors that determine the success of the organization.

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